BreathYoga Launches Free Breathing Recovery Course For Covid-19 Sufferers

BreathYoga is launching a free course to help people who have Covid-19 to restore healthy breathing and boost energy levels.

Adrian Cox, the founder of BreathYoga and a yoga and breathwork master with over 20 years of experience, is offering Covid-19 sufferers the opportunity to participate in a free breathing recovery course. Covid-19 is known to impact respiratory function, and the effects of the virus can linger for weeks, even months. This new, 75-minute breathing recovery course focuses on three key techniques, which are designed to improve lung function, increase blood oxygen levels and strengthen and restore the respiratory system.

Using his 22 years of experience in yoga and breathwork, Adrian Cox has designed this new program to aid those who have suffered with symptoms of Covid-19. The aim is to clear out the lungs, improve blood flow, help individuals to feel more energetic and reduce anxiety and depression. The breathwork element of the course is complemented by hypnotherapy sessions provided by Karten Kustener. Hypnotherapy can facilitate healing and deep rest and relaxation, while also helping people to feel better.

Pulling together
The Covid-19 crisis has impacted millions of people all over the world, and pulling together has never been more important. In response to the pandemic and the number of people developing symptoms both during and after infection, Adrian Cox wanted to utilize his experience to assist those in need. This new course, which lasts 75 minutes and is completely free, targets Covid-19 sufferers, providing access to breathing techniques and hypnotherapy sessions, which heal both the body and mind. Covid-19 can have a severe impact on physical health, but it can also take its toll on emotional wellbeing.

Benefits for the future
The BreathYoga course offers an introduction to conscious breathing, which not only serves to educate people about the benefits of breathing techniques, but also equips them with tools and knowledge to promote health and wellbeing long after the symptoms of Covid-19 have dissipated and recovery is complete. These techniques can be used to enhance physical and mental health for life.

About BreathYoga
Adrian Cox, a yoga and breathwork master with over two decades of experience, launched BreathYoga as a combination of yoga and breathwork. Sessions center on the principles of release, strengthen and energize to boost the body and mind. The new course, which is aimed at Covid-19 sufferers, is designed to utilize the powerful benefits of breathwork and hypnotherapy to facilitate healing, improve lung strength, promote relaxation and increase energy levels. The program will enable participants to benefit from conscious breathing techniques in both the short and long-term.

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