Breakup Knowledge Publishes Tips on Rekindling a Romance

Individuals need to know what steps to take when they wish to get an ex back and this site provides helpful information geared to achieving this goal, reports

According to Random History, most breakups in a relationship occur between three and five months, and those in an online relationship state these breakups typically occur via email. Regardless of when, how or why a relationship ends, however, one party may wish to rekindle the flame. offers advice for those who fall into this category.

"Individuals need to first recognize if their ex is showing signs they wish to reconnect. An angry ex may simply want an apology ( and the other party needs to meet him or her halfway. It may be that one person just needs to offer forgiveness when the other person apologizes for a wrong they have committed. Knowing what the other party wants and why the breakup occurs will be of great help in moving forward," Sam Jones, spokesperson for Breakup Knowledge, states.

When a man wishes to break up with a woman, he will typically begin spending less time with her, he won't make romantic gestures anymore, or passionate kisses will become a thing of the past. In addition, men often pat a woman during a hug when the relationship is faltering or he may try to start fights. Women need to recognize these signs and take steps to prevent the breakup if she wishes the relationship to continue. Numerous steps may be taken to show the man the woman is interested in staying together.

"Women need to ensure they give their man time with his friends or time to himself. The no contact rule ( needs to be put into play here to show the other person that this relationship can continue. Some women tend to be clingy, expecting their partner to be there all the time. In addition, women need to respect their men and show that they appreciate them. Men need to do the same, however, as a relationship involves two people. Both have to be committed in order for the relationship to work," Jones continues.

Don't view the opportunity as a way to reconnect with an ex or save a relationship. It is better to focus on becoming friends, as the old saying about friends making the best lovers has a great deal of truth to it. A strong friendship can withstand the ups and downs of a relationship better than two people who have some things in common and a mutual attraction.

"If a person wouldn't be friends with their ex, then they don't need to be in a relationship with them. Keep this in mind when deciding if getting back together with a former love is a good idea. Some people will find they need to look elsewhere, yet others will find making a go of a failed relationship is the right move. Each person must decide this for themselves," Jones explains.

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