Breakthrough Book GENESIS OF GENIUS Traces Origin, Sequence of Human Imagination

GENESIS OF GENIUS, a breakthrough new book by Julie Ann Turner released today, not only traces through time the very origin of our genius as human beings.

GENESIS OF GENIUS, a breakthrough new book by Julie Ann Turner released today, not only traces through time the very origin of our genius as human beings – but also reveals the single, universal principle through which we may more consciously create the lives, work and world we most desire, in every instant – the proven sequence used by all successful thought leaders and visionaries throughout time – presented in a practical, visual system, never before shared in this simple, usable, full-color format.

“GENESIS OF GENIUS is your step-by-step, visual guide to consciously creating the life, work and world you most desire. From Plato to Leonardo Da Vinci, on to Oprah and Steve Jobs – all used one universal principle to create success. This is your guide to do the same,” said author Julie Ann Turner, who is also host of the global ConsciousSHIFT Radio Show, with more than 260,000 subscribers. When readers purchase the full-color print version of GENESIS OF GENIUS on on Launch Day, Thursday, Oct. 24, they receive a one-time 40% discount – and when they register their book (at – they immediately receive these free Launch-Day-Only Bonuses: their complete, full-color GENESIS OF GENIUS 3-Book series on eBook ($149 value), access to exclusive Online Resources – plus special Oct. 24 Launch Day-Only bonuses of the SPARKS OF GENIUS eBook, featuring 100+ global visionaries sharing how they tap their unique genius; and the GENESIS OF GENIUS Quick-Start Guide. GENESIS OF GENIUS gives readers everything they need to succeed, in a simple, step-by-step, visual system – with this printed, full-color Master Guidebook, which includes vivid, visual worksheets to turn their dreams into reality – available now on at Reviews for GENESIS OF GENIUS: “GENESIS OF GENIUS is THE BOOK THE GLOBAL ECONOMY HAS BEEN WAITING FOR …. creativity is not reserved for the chosen few … it is within all of us – and is accessible through Julie Ann Turner’s POWER ARC system.” ~ Patricia Porter, Former Executive Director, North Texas Business Council for the Arts/Dallas “GENESIS OF GENIUS IS SO PACKED WITH PROFOUND STUFF, beautifully presented, that readers who are in the life-long creative marathon will return to it repeatedly over time to discover a new nugget of ‘sense’ about the universe.” ~ Paul Babin, Film Director & Cinematographer/Los Angeles, CA “A BREAKTHROUGH BOOK – as essential for business and community leaders as it is for creative minds of every kind! ~ Rusty Rueff, Board President of American Conservatory Theater/San Francisco, Vice Chair of The GRAMMY Foundation/Los Angeles

Julie Ann Turner, Founder/CEO of ConsciousSHIFT.Me, is a thought leader in the global shift to creative consciousness, as author of GENESIS OF GENIUS, as Executive Producer/Host of the global ConsciousSHIFT Radio Show (260,000 subscribers worldwide and growing), and as a world authority on the master creative process. Julie Ann guides Visionary Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders and World-Changers across the globe, to realize their Signature Genius and live to their highest potential, helping them to shift out of the LOOP of overwhelm, and into the LEAP of their true greatness … to break their big vision down into tangible, doable steps, and to package their genius so they profit from serving their ideal tribe, and earn the income they deserve and desire. Discover and purchase your copy today – on - GENESIS OF GENIUS: “The JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY from Da Vinci to Oprah that reveals the single startling principle the greatest minds in history used to create success after success.” For more information about GENESIS OF GENIUS, please visit - See more at:

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