Break Into Bartending Launches Gold Star’s Bartending Book ‘Highball’

Goldstar Bartending is the web’s #1 resource for learning how to become a bartender. Including real bartender interviews and tips on starting a new career, “Highball” is their official guide.

Bartending is no longer a filler job for students to earn cash on the side- as bars have rejuvenated their image, they now employ highly trained individuals with specialized skill sets who get the tips to match. As a result, there is more interest than ever in formal bartending training. Break Into Bartending is an informational resource that hosts content on the best bartending school programs throughout America, and is now promoting a new book created by Gold Star Bartending, entitled Highball.

The book is a 150 page complete guide to a career as a bartender. The Break Into Bartending site features a digital preview of the book with easy read, page turning format as well as breakdown of the topics covered and the information contained to help make it easier for people to invest in the purchase.

The book can be purchased direct from the website with PayPal or any major credit card, and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. The book offers the ultimate answers for anyone wondering how to become a bartender, and costs a fraction of many of the bartending school workshops that would provide the inferior content.

A spokesperson for Break Into Bartending explained, “We have thrown ourselves behind Gold Star Bartending’s book because we believe it is an invaluable resource for anyone who comes to our site looking for information on how to become a bartender. They literally needn’t look any further than the book for guidance, whereupon all they will need to complete their training is some practical skills workshops to ensure they are as employable as possible. At such an affordable price, and with such a comprehensive overview from tactics and strategies, resume workshopping, interview guidance and jargon busting, it is the ultimate reference book not just for new bartenders, but all bartenders.

About Break Into Bartending:
Break Into Bartending is a blog providing the most up to date information on bartending schools and courses, for beginners, intermediate and advanced level bartenders on topics from customer service to mixology. The site is currently promoting Highball, a 150 page guide to becoming the ultimate bartender. The website features an exclusive preview of the book as well as purchase options.

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