Bravo Pharmacy Announces New Medication Packaging Service to Improve the Health of Jamaica Plain Pharmacy Patients

BravoPak from Bravo Pharmacy provides a simpler, safer medication experience through convenient, personalized packaging, using the latest in pharmacy robotics.

Bravo Pharmacy, a forward-thinking pharmacy in Jamaica Plain, MA, recently added BravoPak, a new service designed to prevent dangerous medication errors for patients taking multiple prescriptions. BravoPak removes the guesswork for patients, by allowing Bravo Pharmacy to pre-sort and package patient medications, labeling each dose by day, date, and time. The convenient, easy-to-open packaging makes taking prescribed medications are more straightforward, and hassle-free.

BravoPak allows for greater independence in care-at-home situations and can accommodate prescriptions, OTC meds, and even supplements. Studies show that more than half of patients on multiple medications do not take their medications correctly. Medication non-adherence leads to 125,000 preventable deaths and more than $500 billion in avoidable healthcare costs each year.

“BravoPak eliminates the confusion and inconvenience for patients taking a large number of daily medications,” said Dmitry Linkov, Owner, Bravo Pharmacy. “The date-and-time stamped pouches mean no more pill sorting and fewer errors. Our patients tell us they’ve experienced life-changing improvements to their health, and family members are thrilled that their loved ones don’t skip doses or accidentally take too many of these vital medications.”

Bravo Pharmacy offers the BravoPak service at no charge, and will even deliver the medication to customers for free.

“I’ve been using BravoPak for 1 month, said Collette G., of Jamaica Plain. Before, I'd have to open up each bottle, place each pill one by one into my organizer. It took time and I risked making a mistake. It was so frustrating having to go through this process. Now, I just tear off a pouch and I'm done!"

With BravoPak, taking medications on-the-go is especially simple—in just seconds, patients can tear off the medication pouches they’ll need. This can help busy patients to continue to live more independently.

"I love to travel, and just hate bringing all my bottles,” said Charlotte B. “The BravoPak helps me remove the restrictions. It makes my meds easy to transport and store. And takes less space in my bag. I don't need to worry about missing a pill when I'm away."

The BravoPak service is made possible by Bravo Pharmacy's installation of the RapidPakRx™, a pharmacy robot designed and manufactured in the United States. With 23 vision systems and three layers of integrated machine vision pill detection, verification, and inspection, RapidPakRx can provide a high volume of multi-med pouches with unparalleled accuracy and speed, at a very low cost.

BravoPak is available immediately. To learn more about BravoPak, visit the pharmacy’s newly updated website at, or call Bravo Pharmacy 617-553-2501.

“With BravoPak, our patients have peace of mind knowing their medications are in one place, organized by day and time. Less hassle and less worrying means overall wellness will improve. And that's Bravo's mission, said Dmitry Linkov, Bravo Pharmacy Owner. We invite you to Bravo to learn more

Covid Testing

Bravo has invested in technology for accurate, rapid, and convenient onsite Covid testing: from PCR to antigen. We provide results in 30 minutes.

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Bravo Pharmacy in Jamaica Plain, MA is a locally owned and independently operated full-service pharmacy that has been built up from humble beginnings. We’re where we are today because of our passion, patients, and family. We provide wellness services to help people stay well and partner in your good health. Bravo is a family-owned business working to make our community a healthier and happier place. Our team is passionate and determined to serve with a heart.

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Address: 3158 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130
Phone: 617-553-2501

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