BrandPush Urges Brands To Invest In News Stories To Boost Awareness

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Brand Push is helping brands get exposure and visibility through news stories published on high authority news sites like NBC, CBS, among others.

It has long been agreed that content is king. Knowing how to leverage news content to boost online presence is crucial to business success. News is the one thing shared across industries, therefore injecting news content into any brand will help generate more interest.

For most businesses, getting visibility online is an uphill task that has many giving up too early. Through BrandPush, businesses can now merge the world of news content to their online presence. This, in turn, will boost search rankings and traffic to their pages.

Today, exposure and presence go a long way in cementing a brand’s standing in the market. “Even with the best content, you will likely not get enough traffic to generate the engagement you need,” notes BrandPush, “that is why we have made it our mission to help brands create perfect news stories and publish them on over 200 sites that have high levels of traffic.”

In a lot of ways, the internet has changed how people consume news. Most news websites now have to contend with the ever-sprouting channels. This has fragmented the industry, creating opportunities for businesses to step in and power their businesses through news articles.

Essentially, BrandPush has a team of writers who help brands craft the best press release articles highlighting the highs of their businesses. Once that’s done, Brand Push publishes these stories to news websites like FOX, CBS and NBC, among others which generate massive traffic.

Online reputation

One of the pillars of survival and growth in the digital space is the brand image. The public’s perception of a brand can make or break it. That is why businesses need to work on unique and authentic stories for PR distribution. This helps create the right reputation with customers and potential customers. The goal is to make sales, retain and attract new customers, which is not possible without first establishing trust with them. BrandPush experts have found that working on online reputation is a crucial step to achieving this.

News articles on search engines and social media

On search engines, the highest volume of searches is news. Historically, news articles have been a great way to rake in inbound traffic. With the growing internet usage worldwide, it is now even more beneficial for businesses to leverage news articles for exposure. Brands can leverage these traffic volumes by getting their press release articles featured on high traffic websites.
The massive search for news is not just on search engines; it has now transferred to social media. With billions of people accessing at least one social media platform per month, news content has become popular on social platforms. “The 200+ sites we use also have a social media presence. This means that your content is being shared and viewed across platforms,” explains Brand Push.

However, it is important to understand the distinct difference between news articles on search engines and social media. Where people look for something specific on search engines, social media mentions a news item and an attached link; if interested, people click on the link. This means that social media results in massive inbound traffic for businesses.


By producing news content and publishing it to high traffic websites, Brand Push is helping businesses naturally attract visitors.

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