Brand New Tour Offers Insight into Morocco’s Mountain Dogs and Berber Nomads

A new tour is raising awareness of the plight of the endangered mountain dog breed Aidi, which is at risk of extinction.

A brand new tour activity being offered by Zayan Travel Tours Morocco offers travelers the chance to get up close and personal with the mountain dogs of Morocco and meet with the country’s Berber nomads.

The opportunity to see the dogs, as well as have lunch with a nomadic Berber family, is an activity that guests can enjoy as part of any tailor-made Morocco tour offered by the destination specialists.

The streets of Morocco are lined with dozens of dogs that often stay in the forests or near the Berber’s tents but come to the road to be given food from passing tourists.

The dogs are a Moroccan endangered species known as Aidi, which are seriously at risk of extinction, and so desperately need the awareness that this new activity will provide.

Originally owned by the nomad Berbers living in tents in the Atlas Mountains, Aidi were intended as livestock guardians, protecting the Berbers’ herds of sheep and goats. They’re not a shepherd dog – they are specifically designed to guard and protect, often zealously, the tent and properties of the Berber nomads against jackals and other predators.

However, due to years of drought, these families no longer have enough food to feed themselves and the dogs, and sadly, the dogs have become strays.

The practice of feeding the mountain dogs evolved due to drivers of trucks carrying apples and potatoes from the Midlet region. The savvy dogs also came to know of the regular travelers from Fez from Merzouga who often stop at the rural town of Zaida to enjoy a barbecue. The dogs will wait for these drivers and travelers, knowing they will be fed some leftover barbeque treats.

Surprisingly, the mountain dogs are actually very shy and will usually disappear into the forests if travelers get out of their car. Instead, Zayan Travel recommends throwing bread or bones out of the window for the dogs and leaving them to enjoy the food in peace.

Zayan Travel provides tailor-made tours for every customer which can incorporate this activity. Visitors can also see the dogs as part of the Moroccan travel company’s Two Week Morocco Tour or Classic Tour.

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