Brand New Friendspire Update Offers A Complete App Overhaul

The fast-growing community for sharing recommendations, Friendspire, is soon releasing a massive overhaul of the app that has taken months to perfect.

Finding what to watch, read, or eat has become too difficult. So we created Friendspire, a simpler way to find and save new favorites. Friendspire believes getting recommendations from other people, real people, is the best way to discover new things. This is particularly true for interests like movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and food & drinks. Friendspire is an application that aims to give you better experiences, all while creating an inclusive and fun community. On Friendspire users can share interests with other people and seek out specific recommendations. While still a relatively new endeavor, the app has grown to become the largest community for sharing recommendations across films, TV, books, food, and more.

Recently, Friendspire engaged with its thousands of truly dedicated super users to understand the community, what they loved about the product, and what Friendspire could do better. This allowed them to further tailor the product to those that love it most, and thereby expand the base significantly. Based on this continuous learning, Friendspire is now rolling out a huge update at the end of 2020, with a host of new features that takes the app to another level.
Creating lists
Friendspire consulted with its large community, and has added the widely requested functionality for users to create their own lists. This gives users the option to specially curate their own collections of shows, films, books, etc. It’s a new fun way to share experiences with others, allowing different users and friends to see people’s favorite content.
Streaming information
Another hugely requested community feature is the ability to see where shows and films are streaming in different countries. We all know the dread of finding what we want to watch, but not knowing where we can watch it. With the new update, users will now see if a show/film is available in their area, and whether it is on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming platform. It’s a small feature, but it can make movie night so much better for every user. This feature is currently available in the US, UK, DK, and IN – but will soon be rolled out in more countries.

A unique gamification element
The Friendspire platform continues to innovate, and the addition of leaderboards and gamification elements is an example of this. As users watch shows, read books or listen to podcasts, and rate them they advance on the leaderboards. In essence, friends and other users will see how many of these things a person has consumed. Then, this is put into a leaderboard amongst either friends or the entire user. It adds a fun competitive element, and also allows people to discover others with similar interests.

About Friendspire
Friendspire is the fastest-growing recommendations app in the world - and even this growth has increased over the last few weeks. The app is based on the idea that finding what to watch, read, or eat has become too difficult. Friendspire is a simpler way to find and save new favorites.

Key features include:

Stop searching. Start finding the best movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and food & drinks. No more endless scrolling on Netflix, or fake reviews from Tripadvisor.

Find out which streaming service any movie or TV show can be found on, and filter for services you have!

Save all of your recommendations in one place. No more confusing notes on your phone!

Rate all of your favorites, which will get you even better and more personalized recommendations.

Discover curated lists and build your own, that can easily be shared in or out of Friendspire.

Connect with friends or even make new ones. Always have your friends’ recommendations handy when you need them!

Connect with inspiring tastemakers like The Michelin Guide, The Oscars, Eater and so many more!

Climb the leaderboards, and become the top rated within your favorite category, or conquer your city!

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