Brand New Digital Marketing Agency, Invanity, Puts Data at the Heart of Their Strategy

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Invanity is a brand new digital marketing agency promising campaigns based on the metrics companies really care about: sales acquisitions.

Digital marketing has become one of the most important parts of business brand awareness and sales acquisitions. And yet, many digital marketing agencies fail to do much more than take the money from their clients. This is because while marketing campaigns may look exciting and talk the talk, they aren’t usually based on the metrics companies really care about.

Invanity understands the pain companies are in and is taking a revolutionary approach to designing unique digital marketing strategies. They start by discovering what their client’s turnover is and what their goals are. From here, they work out how many sales are required to achieve that goal. But unlike other companies, Invanity doesn’t stop there.

Knowing how many sales are required is all very well but for a digital marketing campaign to work, a marketing manager also needs to know how many enquiries the average sale requires. This is because not every enquiry will lead straight to a sale. But there’s still more information to explore: the number of interactions a person makes with a business before making an enquiry. Finally, Invanity looks at where and how people discover their client’s brand.

Working back through all of this information is the best way to inform any marketing scheme. If a client wants to achieve a particular turnover, they need to know how many impressions they need to make on a customer - and on how many customers - to get there. This, in turn, will influence the size and focus of the digital marketing campaign, leading to stronger results based on informed decisions. All the data collected also shows where current or past campaigns have broken down, giving businesses a chance to address problems and try new ideas.

Invanity is all about providing their clients with excellent return on their investment. Just as their clients understand the lifetime value of a customer, Invanity understands that happy clients who see real progress tend to stick with digital marketing companies they trust. Openness, honesty and genuine communication is at the heart of everything Invanity does, which is why they are proud to show their working and demonstrate how data-backed digital marketing can work for any business.

For more information about Invanity, please contact Jack Kennedy on 07703465138 or by email to Please address any postal queries to 5 Copperhouse Court and check out their website for any further information you need.

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