BrakeBuTT Instantly Equips Motorcycles with a Combined Braking System, Providing a Safer Riding Experience

Brake with total confidence, BrakeBuTT provides performance, stability and control. Easy installation with no hydraulic connection.

BrakeBuTT, the revolutionary new motorcycle auto rear brake kit that can be retrofit to almost any motorcycle, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Every new motorcyclist knows the most difficult part of learning to ride a bike is the braking. While the trick is to simultaneously apply equal pressure to both the rear and front brakes; this is often easier said than done. Too swift on either brake can quickly put the novice rider in a dangerous situation. BrakeBuTT is a breakthrough new, easy-to-install kit that instantly provides auto rear braking so riders stop safely and ride more efficiently, and confidently.

“We have observed major motorcycle manufacturing companies continuously develop new safety features for the new models produced, but what about last year’s model? Or older? We took this matter in to our own hands and designed and engineered an exciting new auto rear brake kit accessory (commonly called linked brakes) for almost any motorcycle,” says co-founder Jay Thomson on the inspiration behind the project. “Providing an innovative approach, we now run a fleet of motorcycles producing remarkable results in stopping safely. Ranging from scooters to sports to cruisers and almost every off-road model. Our system covers all, providing precise and accurate braking, while giving any rider the ability to ride within their capabilities and enjoy every journey.”

BrakeBuTT connects easily and is controlled directly from the front brake lever and leaves all standard brake controls fully operational. It works by automatically and progressively applying the rear brake at the precise rate that riders apply to the front brake, eliminating error in judgement and removing the need to constantly move the foot to the rear brake foot pedal, allowing users to maintain a consistent riding position. BrakeBuTT has been painstakingly developed by riders for riders, and is available at an exclusive early access promotional rate to all backers of the crowdfunding campaign.

"We ride motorcycles for necessity, enjoyment and satisfaction, and believe that motorcyclist’s safety should never be compromised. We say ‘fast is easy but it is the stopping that counts’. Our BrakeBuTT- Auto Rear Brake Kit for Motorcycles, provides controlled, accurate front/rear braking. This type of function has never been available as an accessory, until now. Our aim and desire is to have our BrakeBuTT available for every motorcycle rider’s enjoyment, satisfaction and safety,” adds Thomson.

BrakeBuTT is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About BrakeBuTT Technologies

BrakeBuTT Technologies is an Australian Company with over 50 years combined riding experience, specializing in designing new innovative motorcycle braking systems. Built by rider’s for rider’s, is our motto and we say ‘fast is easy but is the stopping that counts’. We aim to provide all motorcycle rider’s with a safe braking solution.

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