Brainbi making it’s international debut in the price monitoring and optimisation service

Brainbi is offering software for price monitoring and providing optimization service internationally.

Brainbi is proud to launch internationally a price monitoring and optimization services for e-commerce platforms and retailers with the main focus on small and medium businesses to help them compete with the big guys and competitors. This was started successfully in Germany as the number one solution for “Preisoptimierung” which is the German term for price optimization.

With the software, business owners are able to monitor their pricing listed for their products in comparison to other competitors' websites. This would help owners to ensure their products' pricing are always one step ahead of their competitors.

“Brainbi helps as a solution that automatically determines the product's price index across the entire relevant market.” said a business owner who uses the Brainbi software to help monitor the price of the products. “The software or plug-ins are all ready to be easily integrated just by adding the business owners API credentials.”

Other than just price monitoring, Brainbi also offers search engine rank tracking services. This will help business owners to analyze where the customers are coming from and how Google sees the business. It will also track the ranking of the business in search engines and help to optimize the business to become better and more valuable by offering key metrics such as number of results, number of monthly searches, cost per clicks and many more.

“Through Brainbi, we’re able to have transparency about the business ranking at Google and ways to enhance our ranking,” said an e-commerce business owner. Business owners are also able to understand their customer base better and get the maximum out of any marketing efforts.

For the Brainbi free software service, it offers price monitoring within its own competitors, search engines optimization tips, analytics and easy integration. For the price of $99.98 per month, it offers all of the free service features and much more additional functions such as price monitoring within its own competitors, Google shopping and Amazon. In addition to that, business owners are able to check the daily ranking of the business in the search engines. It shows the ranking for the keywords customers are using to search for the business.

About Brainbi

Brainbi is a pioneer company in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics which offers solutions for small and medium e-commerce with a main focus in price monitoring and optimization service. Besides price monitoring, Brainbi helps to cover the three major pain points of business owners which is the acquisition, competitiveness and customer insight. Brainbi offers the latest analytics and Artificial Intelligence to every shop owner and easy integration with WoCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento and many more.

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