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Advertising campaigns, sales promotions, and reward programs may get customers through the door, but customer interaction is the catalyst that drives organic growth and, ultimately, long-term profits and brand loyalty.

The most vital part of all marketing efforts is customer engagement. Many companies will put considerable time and capital into hosting an event, only to fail at executing a holistic strategy that fully realizes their return on that investment. Advertising campaigns, sales promotions, and reward programs may get customers through the door, but customer interaction is the catalyst that drives organic growth and, ultimately, long-term profits and brand loyalty. Brad Nierenberg, the Founder and CEO of RedPeg Marketing - a national award-winning experiential marketing agency with a client list that includes such companies as Warner Bros., Twitter, Verizon, Geico, and Mercedes Benz, among others - has earned a reputation for being a guru of customer engagement through his use of a number of key tactics that substantially boost organic growth.

“Executing a event without a strategy on how it will be amplified on Social Media is leaving money on the table. Unless you create and execute a strategy to extend the event beyond the actual activity itself,” says Brad Nierenberg. “Physical attendance is not the only metric that matters when evaluating an event’s success. Other key indicators include how many people shared the event and brand experience on social media; how many opted to take a sample; how many leads were generated; and how many perceptions were changed about the brand your marking, how many consumers now will consider the brand. Today consumers are being bombarded with brand messages to the tune of 3,000 a day, getting your brand on the targeted consumers menu when it wasn’t considered before is a success.

Nierenberg advises that the best foundation for starting a strategy of long-term customer engagement is by digitally capturing information on-site. In the old days, this usually meant consumers, brand ambassadors, and event staff quickly scribbling with pen and paper filling out entry cards, but today, data is able to be gathered quickly and effectively with the use of an ipad and software programs that allow a simple slide/scan of a drivers license. Further digital preparations include making certain that Google Analytics is ready to go on the event’s microsite to help track online engagement, as well as encouraging visitors to fill out a form which will offer another opportunity to re-engage them. Lastly is tracking and re-engagement. RedPeg has long emphasized that the effective tail of experiential marketing is much longer than other marketing mediums and can be utilized for years. “We track years of sales history for our clients to show this,” says Nierenberg. “An example would be our work with Chevrolet, where we executed events that engaged 60,000 people in 1 market. We tracked who of those 60K people bought cars over the next 2 years and found that the 60,000 people who went through our experiences that bought cars, bought twice the market share of Chevrolet; Effectively demonstrating that engaging people at events put Chevrolet on a higher consideration set than the average consumer digesting the same marketing messages via traditional tactics.”

After the event, have a plan to interact with customers that attended, whether it’s an email follow up, calls to new leads, or requests for survey feedback, sending a photo experience. Also have a digital amplification plan to connect not only with the attendees, but their friends and associates who did not attend. With the goal of having them share the event with others, consider additional social media strategies which may be as simple as using Facebook Live to post the event and expand the potential for likes, shares and other online activities.

Brad Nierenberg launched RedPeg Marketing in 1995, with the philosophy that, “People forget what you say. People forget what you do. They remember how you make them feel.” The company is a leader in creating exciting, large-scale interactive marketing experiences, with more than 2,500 events produced in 2015 alone. Their collection of professionals assist companies in finding innovative ways to connect people and brands in a world with increasing marketing noise.

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