Boxer Fan Club Reaches 70,000 Facebook Fans and Launches a New Website

Created just 4 months ago, the Boxer Fan Club has started a Facebook page. The community quickly grew up to more than 70,000 members. As a result, a website was launched to help members to spread the love for Boxers and be better owners.

The Boxer Fan Club was created in February of 2013, as a Facebook Page. The fan page is a meeting point of Boxer dog lovers and owners where they can post and share photos of their pets, as well as, share experiences, ask for help and give advices to each other. The community quickly grew up and has now more than 70,000 avid members that constantly engage and interact with each other.

"Happy. Playful. Romping. Clown. Dignified. Loyal. Guardian." This is a brief description of the Boxer dog breed. Dog owners are drawn to breeds that reflect their personalities. So, with the members’ personalities and needs on their mind, the Boxer Fan Club has recently launched a website.

The website has a lot of educational material to help owner dealing with health and training issues. A lot of the content is created by the members themselves, making it unique and authentic website.

The website has several sections, such as:
- Boxer Art
- Boxer Health
- Finding Your Soul Mate
- Gift Ideas
- Heroes
- History
- Loss & Grief
- Lost & Found
- Owning A Boxer
- Pet Supplies
- Pic Of The Week
- Train Your Dog

In a couple of weeks it will also have a section dedicated to Boxer rescue.

“Heroes” is one of the most popular sections. Here members share, for example, how their Boxers helped them go through a tough period of their lives. Fans can read stories like this one about Emrey that suddenly gave her owner a reason to live:

“In just a month and a half span of time I was hospitalized twice for suicide attempts. She saved my life and created a new comfort in my home. I look at her and I know unconditional love. She is the sweetest and most amazing dog and I am lucky she found me!" - Lauren from NYC

Another story tells us how Dixie, a female Boxer, saved her “sister’s” life:

“At a little after midnight, Dixie came to my side of the bed and started nudging and licking my arm. I groggily sat up to see what she was doing and as I did, I heard a noise. Thump, thump, thump. I told my husband to turn the light on and when he did I was terrified at what I saw. My daughter was having a seizure. We rushed her to the hospital and eventually she was fine, but I shudder to think what would have happened, had Dixie not come to me and made me wake up.” - Jennifer Cofield

Members also like to share “Lost & Found” stories, most of them with a happy ending and some with a few funny episodes like this one:

“I ran over to the house (remember… soaking wet, no bra, still crying… aka… a hot mess)… knock on their door… and ask if they have my dog. I look inside and there is Harley in the middle of this party, rolling around playing… while I look like a lunatic in front of everyone. That was the last time I brought him out with no shoes or bra on… and I definitely paid more attention to his collar after that!” - Rebecca Rossiter from Boston, Massachusetts.

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