Boston Real Estate Investors Association Launches New Website And Announces Premier Event

Ordinary people are becoming financially independent by buying Real Estate Properties and “Flipping” them for huge profits. All it takes is some sound guidance as provided by the Boston Real Estate Investors Association.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, March 18, 2014, In this tight economy, people are grasping at ways to increase their income by adding additional income streams. Many people start with "flipping" properties, and eventually make this a full-time career. Those folks who take advantage of network groups learn the quickest and make the greatest strides. Fortunately, there are groups like The Boston Real Estate Investors Association that can greatly simplify the learning process and shorten the success curve.

Everyone is invited to attend the latest event and learn how to "Fix and Flip" houses, and even meet Dave Seymour of A&E TV's Flipping Boston. The venue for this great event is Hilton Hotel Dedham at 25 Allied Drive, in Boston, MA. Mark the calendar for Tuesday, April 1, 2014. This event is being organized and hosted by Duncan Wierman, aka "Mr. Lead Generation". Duncan has gained notoriety as the world's foremost real estate lead generation strategist. He will be on hand to discuss the latest tips & strategies to obtain quality leads.

The Boston Real Estate Investors Association will present an in-depth discussion about financing property deals, and buying and selling. A speaker panel comprised of industry professionals will be on hand to share their knowledge. Learn from top pro's in: traditional funding sources, hard money lenders, private money and seller financing strategies. Questions from the audience will be addressed. A Market Update will include the latest in trend analysis for the US, Boston, and the Greater Mass area, including existing homes, new homes, REO's, short sales, and traditional sales. This is just the beginning, as their will be a great discussion of the economic condition of Boston along with a detailed trend analysis.

Boston Real Estate Investors Association is pleased to present Dave Seymour as the keynote speaker. He has made a hit TV Show out of "Flipping Boston", during a time of one of the most difficult economies in U.S. history. Dave will discuss their winning formula for finding amazing real estate deals, funding them with other people's money, fixing them up quickly, and flipping them for huge profits. This is a must-attend event for everyone interested in financial independence.

For complete event information, please visit: The Boston Real Estate Investors Association

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