Borvo Medical Designs Corp. Launches New Powder To Keep Sports And Medical Braces Clean

Brooklyn-based company, Borvo Medical Designs has launched a powder that can keep braces and boxing gloves clean and odor-free. Utilizing the power of antibacterial agent, Benzethonium Chloride, the new powder can reduce the time spent cleaning your braces and gloves clean.

Borvo Medical Designs Corp has created a new powder that can help keep sports and medical braces clean. The medical products team, based in Brooklyn, New York, has devised a solution to the problem of braces getting dirtier and developing an odor over time. People who have to wear a knee brace throughout the day or during exercise will find that it can begin to get dirtier and smell bad as they sweat. This, in turn, can cause an odor that tends to follow them. However, the new powder from Borvo Medical Designs is designed to destroy the bacteria that causes this odor in the first place.

Development of the Borvo Brace Powder
The brace-cleaning powder was developed and sold slowly until founder Jonathan Arroyo, a practitioner of boxing, muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who had experienced this issue with braces before applied a small amount of the powder to boxing gloves. After realizing that the powder helped to eliminate the odor that tends to build in boxing gloves, he began to sell it to boxing gyms and individuals who faced similar issues with their braces. Many uses found that it helped to cut down on the time and energy spent keeping gloves and braces clean.

The Science Behind the Borvo Brace Powder
The powder has 4 moisture-absorbing agents. However, the powder’s primary ability in reducing odor occurs due to a chemical compound called Benzethonium Chloride. Benzethonium Chloride kills the odor-causing bacteria prominently found. The National Institutes of Health has stated that Benzethonium Chloride "has a role as an antiseptic drug, a disinfectant, an antibacterial agent, an antiviral agent and an antifungal agent."

Although boxing gyms have been closed, many people have been practicing at home. With the surprising uptick in online sales of boxing gloves, demand has continued to increase for the Borvo Brace Powder, too. To learn more about Borvo Medical Designs, the Borvo Brace Powder, and the other health information and tips available on the blog, you can take a closer look at the BorvoMD website at

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