Borge Mogensen's vintage furniture at Denmark 50 in Los Angeles

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Denmark50 in Los Angeles, has exclusive vintage designs from master architect Borge Mogensen.

Probably more than any other Danish furniture designer, master craftsman Borge Mogensen made subtle yet important shifts in his design work over the years. Examples of his work spanning his entire career can be seen at Denmark 50 in Los Angeles.

“Mr. Mogensen’s work began as a cabinet maker. He took function to a new level as he carefully studied clothing and then designed around clothes,” said Wayne Guy, owner of Denmark 50. “He later brought these ideas to Danish home furniture.”

Mogensen was designing modernism furniture before it became popular with the general public. In the beginning a few people with an eye for true art appreciated his work. Their opinion took root and soon the designer joined the ranks of Denmark’s most celebrated designer.

He worked with and studied under Kaare Klint for many years. Upon Mr. Klint’s death, Mr. Mogensen took the post as designer for the Danish Museum of Decorative Art. He also received numerous international awards and accolades for his design work.

“Mr. Mogensen challenged assumptions about home design. He was a firm believer that a home is a place for the family and a place where people should feel comfortable and relaxed. His Danish furniture designs are simple, yet practical and comfortable but elegant,” Mr. Guy said.

Vintage Danish furniture and the best from Borge Mogensen, can be found at Denmark 50 in Los Angeles. Please visit .

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