Book lovers rejoice at ‘game-changing’ new gift card service

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Avid readers are now able to switch out standard Amazon Kindle book e-gifts for personalized, physical presents, thanks to a new Denver-based start-up.

The new service - – offers to turn a ‘distant’ Kindle-book e-gift, likely sent over email, into a carefully crafted package that can be opened and enjoyed by the receiver – perfect for Christmas and birthdays.

Far more engaging than a Kindle-book sent digitally, or a normal Amazon gift card for Kindle books, these new cards will be personalized and can include high-resolution photographs and handwritten notes.

What’s more, the company will take care of the printing and postage, as well as taking away stress and the potential embarrassment of giving a generic, impersonal gift card.

Company Founder, Shawn Harris, believes this new service can inject some magic into modern day gift-giving which has, over time, become distant and cold.

He hopes his new service will revolutionize e-gift giving by adding the personal, traditional touch that makes receiving a present so special.

“As presents go, you can’t get many more thoughtful than a book. They are educational, exciting, intriguing and thought-provoking. They allow people to travel through time and space, without even moving their feet,” he said.

“However, we know that people are busier than ever these days and buying gifts can be quite the chore, on top of already packed schedules. In fact, given the global pandemic we have all been through over the last two years, even going to a physical shop can be daunting for people today.

“That’s where comes in. We feel we can offer the best of both worlds to our customers by taking the stress of shopping away for them, at the same time as offering their loved ones a thoughtful and physical gift.

“We are able to combine the huge benefits of e-reading via a Kindle, with the joy and personal touch that comes with opening a physical gift. And we’re able to do it in such a way that isn’t distant, as standard gift cards, or Kindle-books gifted over email, can be.

“For a small fee we will take the title of the Kindle-book you want to gift and put a package together that includes the gift card, a hand written message and clear, beautiful photos. We’ll then send it to your loved one and give them the tangible, delightful experience of opening a proper gift.

“Getting a present in the mail can be a really wonderful feeling in an age that is full of text messages and emails. My hope is that our new service will inject some tradition and feeling into these modern times and help change the game when it comes to gift-giving.”

As well as offering individual gifts, also offers customers the ability to give gifts for groups and multiple people – making it ideal for big companies and organizations.

Using a simple spreadsheet, the service gives you the option of sending multiple copies of a book to different people – with different personalized messages and the same handwritten note. This can all be done in one order.

Shawn and his colleagues believe there are a wide range of benefits to giving a Kindle book gift card through their new service:
• Giving a Kindle book gift card is super affordable and there is flexibility on cost
• They can be tailored for all occasions including Christmas and birthdays
• Giving a personalized gift card will raise your gift-giving reputation more than a generic gift card
• Grandparents will love this service – they can get a book without having to mess with emails
• There are millions of books to choose from on Amazon – unlike physical shops
• This new service is quick, easy and effective

The Amazon Kindle was first launched by in November 2007, offering users around 90,000 books at the time of launch.

Since then, the number of available books on the platform has grown rapidly – with millions of titles now available to read via the popular service.

Currently, users are only able to send Kindle-book gifts via email, or by purchasing a generic Amazon gift card, which can then be handed out.

It’s thought the service provided by is one of the first of its kind.

(Service Only Available in the US)

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