Book Claims Fast Weight Loss Through "Law of Attraction" Plus Neuroscience

Controversial weight loss book teaches neuroscience patterning techniques combined with the so-called “Law of Attraction.” The book states readers can quickly re-wire their brains to intensify enthusiasm, increase health, and get in shape.

Author and researcher Barry Burroughs shares a newly-developed neuroscience brain re-patterning technique in his book “Crazy Weight Loss Rx.” The book intends to provide individuals with unique, recently-developed tips and strategies to lose weight fast, improve health, and get in shape.

The book is divided into two main sections. The first section is focused on how excess weight is accumulated in the first place, as well as the two main attitudes that people possess when faced with new information. There is a brief discussion of weight loss and diets in general, with emphasis on why some diets seem to work, while others do not.

The second section takes a somewhat difficult subject – the physical neuroscience behind instilling new behavior – and begins with an easy-to-understand analogy explaining how the brain functions regarding the development of beliefs and habits. Following this is a brief explanation of the universal "Law of Attraction" along with how and why it works. The Crazy Weight Loss Rx technique is then explained in detail, including ways to make the 68-second technique work even more effectively.

When talking about why he believes this book is unique, Burroughs says, “There are innumerable weight loss books out there giving scores of tips, and there seems to be a new diet coming out every week. Unfortunately, many of them give the same old reworked information. I wanted to share a technique based on proven science and the latest discoveries in brain activation. Combining this technique with the universal law of attraction provides excellent results no matter what diet you choose or what fitness program you decide to follow.”

The book “Crazy Weight Loss Rx” is now available through in kindle format. During the official relaunch of the revised edition from May 10th through May 13th, 2013, the book will be available free in digital format for Kindle readers. Kindle copies are available at and the website.

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