Bolder Panels Launches Ultralite Stone in Canada for Luxury Bathroom Renovations

Bolder Panels has launched ultra-thin, aluminium polymer mounted stone panels that can be used to transform spaces in ways never before seen.

Stone has been the building material of choice since it was first utilised by the ancient Egyptians, and represents stability and history while still capable of being used in new and inventive ways. Much like reinventing the wheel, many assumed that reinventing stone might be a fool’s errand. Bolder Panels a division of Stone Source – Tile Source in Calgary Alberta, Canada, who offer Stone and Tile for bathroom renovations in Calgary, have proved this assumption false however, by creating a new stone panelling hybrid that offers flexibility in its use that has not been possible until now. The panel uses a thin layer of stone combined with a thin aluminium polymer that creates strength in the material without the weight. This lightweight has allowed full slab stone installations to be available anywhere in the home renovation.

The thin stone slabs come in either 4x8 or 5x8 foot sheets, which can be cut down and reshaped to create incredible contrasting creations or panelled next to one another to cover large expanses. Where traditional stonework would require extensive structural remodelling, Bolder Panels’ product can ‘reskin’ a room in luxury, and do so affordably.

As well as the price and structural advantages, the panels offers higher strength than traditional 3cm stone slabs and carry an eighth of the weight, while offering faster erection, better control and greater impact resistance than traditional stone, making them an amazing inspiration for bathroom renovation ideas, as well as other spaces throughout the home.

A spokesperson for Stone Source explained, “Bolder Panels is a new medium in interior design that is exciting people around the globe, and we are excited to offer this new product in Canada. The ways in which the stone can be used are limited only by the imagination: we have seen individuals backlight onyx to create an ethereal glow that adds an amazing atmosphere to a room, while others have offset panels within each other to create bold cubist styles. We firmly believe that with so much flexibility in their use that Bolder Panels are the future of stone in the home.”

About Bolder Panels:
Bolder Panels is a division of Stone Source - Tile Source International in Calgary Alberta, Canada. 20 years of industry experience. Bolder Panels are real stone slabs cut ultra thin for a luxurious finish. Perfect for Bathroom Renovations & Remodeling, Marble Showers, Bathroom tiling, Renovation Ideas and more.

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