Bold New NFT Project Called CryptoMunks Gives Away A Tesla!

CryptoMunksNFT is a highly anticipated NFT project scheduled to launch late November / early December 2021.

The crypto space is currently occupied by thousands of NFT brands and projects, with dozens of new projects and startups joining the fray daily. CryptoMunksNFT is a fresh NFT project that exudes confidence and reliability, offering a collection of 7,777 non-fungible tokens with 106 unique attributes with full proof of ownership at highly approachable prices.

The project is prepared to enter the market with flying colors, revealing Munk's metadata and displaying rarity and traits on OpenSea, launching Twitter and Marketing campaigns, releasing Special Munks, and creating MUNK Inner Circle Merch.

With the project’s launch being mere weeks away, CryptoMunksNFT is preparing for the Tesla Giveaway event. The requirements to participate in the Tesla Giveaway event state that all interested people need to own a Munk, achieve Level 7 on CryptoMunksNFT Discord channel and post three Tweets about Cryptomunks.

All participants of the Tesla Giveaway Event are advised to stay active on the CryptoMunksNFT Discord channel even beyond Level 7, where the winner will be announced when the project reaches 90%.

The final stage of the project before launch revolves around the opening of the Metamunk Ecosystem Gates:

“After minting 100% of Gen1 Munks, all holders gain exclusive access to the Metamunk Space where they start enjoying Presale and Whitelisting allocations for all our upcoming projects and projects of our current and future partners. “ Holders of first-generation Munks will also receive voting rights in the MetaMunk DAO in addition to benefiting from allocations and whitelists regarding future presales.

The brand states that the CryptoMunks project was launched to “show people how fun NFTs can be, while showing newcomers how to navigate this hot market safely and profitably.” The exquisite graphics and attributes of Munks in addition to the numerous events the project is currently preparing to launch promise a bright future for Crypto Munks.

After the initial sale, Munk NFTs will be available for purchase on and More information about CryptoMunksNFT is available on the brand’s official website.

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