Body Scrubbers for Use in Shower to Exfoliate the Skin Get a Makeover

SmitCo LLC has made improvements to its exfoliating kits. The body scrubbers for use in shower exfoliate the skin, and each set comprises four scrubbing gloves and a back scrubber that is great for back acne.

SmitCo LLC reports that it has made improvements to its body scrubbers for use in shower based on customer feedback. The company says that the new gloves are thicker, firmer and large enough to fit a man’s hand — also, the back scrubber measures 31 inches in length to allow it to reach the entire back.

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“Our exfoliating kit helps you get rid of skin impurities and toxins. Our gloves are not only excellent for getting rid of dead skin cells to improve the look and feel of your skin but also improve your health as they increase blood circulation, which removes the toxins faster. It is suitable for all skin types: dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin,” says Francina Smit, the company spokesperson.

According to the company, the body scrubbers are ideal for everyday exfoliation. The brand advises that the back-scrubber helps with the removal of ingrown hairs as well as acne on the back and around the shoulders. Regular exfoliation opens the pores and helps to remove keratosis pilaris, the company says.

The back-scrubber is designed for hard-to-reach places such as the legs, back and shoulders to improve blood circulation. The gloves and back-scrubber also help with lymphatic drainage, toxin elimination and cellular waste disposal, while allowing for better absorption of moisturizers into the skin, relates the brand.

The company indicates that each exfoliation kit comes with four exfoliating gloves (two pairs) and one back-scrubber. A reusable Ziploc bag for storage and travel is included. The exfoliating gloves also feature a convenient hanging loop for air-drying after use.

“The exfoliating shower gloves are made of 100% high-quality, thick nylon in a quality-controlled environment. They feature strong, elastic rows so you can stop worrying about the scrubbing gloves falling off. The back scrubber’s sturdy handle provides a firm grip and makes it easy to clean your entire back, feet and shoulders,” adds Smit.

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