Bob Gries Encourages Active Support for Community Initiatives

Bob Gries of the Gries Investment Funds urges corporations to be active in their economic regions and contribute to community development through strategic investments.

Using growth and profits to fund and partner with the right organizations, and thereby taking a calculated risk, proves much more beneficial than playing it safe in the long run. Evolution and improvement occurs promptly when multiple entities get together and help each other. Founder and Managing Director of the Gries Investment Funds, Bob Gries urges corporations to be active in their economic regions and contribute to community development through strategic investments.

Identifying viable transactions with responsible borrowers who have a plan that will impact many local citizens is a good place to start looking for potential partnerships. Reconnecting with arts, cultural and athletic groups and businesses in the regions and offering capital to organizations with limited access allows a corporation or entity to encourage growth in their community firsthand. By developing sustainable and impact driven investing, environmental and social factors are considered and the returns will far surpass the initial contribution, in essence creating a more giving world. From joint ventures, financing sports and recreation complexes to personal finance assistance, there are different motivations and ways of executing an investment of this type.

Bob Gries believes it comes down to an exciting balance of the right deal with the right people, evaluating risk on a case by case basis; the real surprises are in some of the remarkable positive results of certain partnerships that don’t look good on paper. Leading by example, and called the Warren Buffet of Tampa for taking time to do things properly, Mr. Gries shines in his dedication to giving back to the local economy. His choice in investment opportunities is a combination of intuition for the specific transaction and seeing a need to be filled. These types of investments support the local region providing economic and social benefits for everyone in the area. The approach is to seek out long-term successes and do due diligence to ensure the people involved are in it for the long-term.

The largest shareholder of Crius Energy Trust, which provides electricity and natural gas to more than 800,000 U.S. residents, Bob Gries is a Graduate of the University of Michigan. With knowledge and trust Mr. Gries invests in business and financial opportunities as Founder and Managing Director of Gries Investment Funds. He has managed multimillion dollar properties and was the former owner of the Tampa Bay Storm and the Orlando Predators. As a managing partner in the development of the 43,000 square foot WWE-New York entertainment facility in Times Square, he oversaw its construction and sale. Contributing to the Heart of a Champion Scholarship, which offers scholarships to 70 high school seniors each year as well as many philanthropic endeavors including starting the Tampa Bay Volleyball Academy, Mr. Gries is passionate about art, culture and recreation.

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