BOARDERSLEDGE Upcycles Snowboards Into Classy, Timeless Snow Sledges

Live on Kickstarter, BOARDERSLEDGE upcycles snowboards into an everlasting fun ride.

BOARDERSLEDGE, the revolutionary new D.I.Y. kit that transforms unused snowboards, into classy snow sledges, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Snowboards are awesome, but a snow sledge is forever. So goes the thinking behind the all new do-it-yourself kit that transforms any snowboard into a timeless sledge for all ages. Rather than sit in a closet or storage unit, users can quickly and easily take a BOARDERSLEDGE kit and reconfigure their old snowboard into a fun downhill sledge.

"We all know what it’s like... We gather things because we love them so much and we enjoy them once a while. And then the day comes we no longer use them, because of so many reasons. That is what happened to me and my snowboard!” says founder and CEO Gianfranco Visano. “As life goes on, we all shift priorities - to our jobs, our homes and for sure our kids. This is where BOARDERSLEDGE was born! Why not recycle your beloved snowboard and convert it to a classy sledge?”

There is something timeless and childlike about a sledge. Simple, fun and easy to use - BOARDERSLEDGE incorporates all these ideas to re-introduce a bit of innocent magic to the daily grind of life. The D.I.Y. BoarderSledge contains all of the parts needed to build an awesome sledge - laser cut aluminum holders, laser outlined plywood bamboo sheet, all the nuts, washers and screws. The result is a lightweight, high precision engineered sledge that just about anyone can put together quickly and easily. Thanks to the use of a snowboard riding surface, the BOARDERSLEDGE moves much quicker than traditional sledges, along with its ergonomic sitting surface, making for a truly enjoyable ride.

Also available as a campaign stretch goal is the Advanced BOARDERSLEDGE which aims to create a more sophisticated ride complete with an electronic taillight and more.

"Riding a BOARDERSLEDGE will distract people from their usual stressing activities and get them back to the real funny things. Nowadays recreation is a very valuable good. BOARDERSLEDGE will help you rediscover times when you didn’t have to think about schedules, worries, finance and social media.”

BOARDERSLEDGE is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:


BOARDERSLEDGE is an innovative Team, focused on bringing fun and joy back to sport enthusiasts. We build high-end, sophisticated products on highest quality standards - made in Germany. Designer Gianni, has more than two decades of engineering expertise, designing car interiors, luminaires and several other products. We have several years of experience working with production facilities in markets worldwide and close to us. BOARDERSLEDGE is based in Seligenstadt, Germany. With Co-founder Julia’s and Gianni’s experience in art and innovation we want to realize this unique product.

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