Bluesmart Continues To Run Exemplary Campaign On Indiegogo

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The Original Smart-Luggage Creator Is Back With Second Generation Of Products

Bluesmart is continuing to run an incredibly successful campaign for their second generation of smart-luggage products, the Series 2, on Indiegogo. Bluesmart has partnered with Funded Today to bring their campaign to a wider audience and increase their number of pledges.

About Bluesmart Series 2

The second generation of Bluesmart products features four all-new pieces that help the user obtain a heightened piece of mind while traveling. The collection includes two suitcases, one intended for carry-on use and the other intended to be a checked bag. Both suitcases are approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), feature GPS & 3G location tracking and contain a digital auto-locking system. The 22-inch Cabin suitcase features a supercharger system for the user’s accessories and 38 liters of interior space. The 29-inch Check suitcase features weight sensors and 80 liters of interior space. The third piece in the Series 2 collection is an expandable laptop bag with a supercharger, Bluetooth location tracking, distance alerts and a removable battery pack. The final piece in the Series 2 collection is an RFID-protected passport pouch with Bluetooth location tracking and distance alerts. At the core of the Series 2 collection is the Bluesmart App, available for both iOS and Android.

Pricing and Availability

The Bluesmart Series 2 collection is available to back now on Indiegogo. Each piece from the collection can be backed individually or backed together as a package. Both suitcases can be backed together for $595. The 22-inch Cabin suitcase can be backed individually for $295, and the 29-inch Check suitcase can be backed for $345. The pledge amount to receive a laptop bag is $225 and the amount needed for a passport pouch is $95. A package deal is available to obtain an entire Series 2 set for $895. Once the campaign ends, the Bluesmart Series 2 is set to be delivered to backers beginning November 2017.

To learn more about the Bluesmart Series 2 or to view their campaign, please visit their Indiegogo page here:

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Name: Pascal Friedmann
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