Blogger Unveils Step By Step Guide To Creating eBook Covers

With the boom of the digital information age, eBooks are incredibly popular around the world. The best way to get readers attention though is by creating attractive 3D covers for them. Here's how. - a Kelowna based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company - recently unveiled a step by step guide to creating professional ebook covers. In a world where digital books - also known as ebooks - are gaining popularity while paperback book sales decline year by year, this information is more and more welcomed by authors and publishers alike.

According to Konrad Braun - CEO and founder of - ebooks started getting popular among avid readers when Amazon first launched the Kindle eReader. The Kindle app that followed shortly after - for Android and iOS - helped greatly in boosting ebooks sales even more.

Braun goes on to say that - although a huge collector of physical books himself - he has always been an advocate of people having free public library access. "Knowing the impact reading had on my life, I always wanted everyone to have easy access to vast amounts of reading material as well. Which is why I am always so thrilled when cities offer free or super cheap library memberships."

"What truly excites me though is when I hear of libraries leveraging the internet. Where you can now borrow ebooks to read on your electronic device of choice" Braun continues. "Now, if you have internet access, you have access to more reading material - on just about any topic - than you will ever be able to read in a lifetime. This is a good thing. Sites like Wikipedia are great for reading, but my personal favorite source for information is still books. Or the modern version of books, known as ebooks."

Braun mentioned how there are hundreds of thousands of ebooks available for free online now and how just about every book published in paperback is now also available in ebook format. "The times are changing. You no longer need to drag a suitcase full of paperback books with you on vacation. All you need is a kindle device or even a smartphone to gain access to dozens of ebooks. It's pretty incredible!"

When asked about his free guide to creating professional ebook covers, Braun said "That is the greatest miracle yet. Average people are no longer just consumers of information products. They are now contributors as well. The internet has made it so easy - especially with ebook marketplaces like Amazon - for everyday individuals to become published authors too. It's definitely a great time to document knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and stories to pass on to future generations."

"To make sure our ebooks get picked up though, we have to make sure the cover piques the potential reader's attention. Everyone is always reminded not to judge a book by it's cover, but we all do it. So it is critical - if we take time to write ebooks - that we also create beautiful ecovers for them. This is of course where my online ecover creator suggestion comes in handy."

"It is the same tool I used when helping my wife launch her coconut flour dessert recipe ebook and it is the same ebook cover tool I use for my own launches" Braun insisted. "It doesn't matter if I plan on using it once for myself or a dozen times for my customers, it is one of the best tools available on the market today."

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