Blockchain industry enters the era of white-hot competition, what kind of applications can really create value for users.

The global cryptocurrency transaction volume has been increasing. In just one year, the global cryptocurrency market value has skyrocketed by nearly 30 times...

The global cryptocurrency transaction volume has been increasing. In just one year, the global cryptocurrency market value has skyrocketed by nearly 30 times. The skyrocketing market capitalization has led to a large influx of investors. At present, the global cryptocurrency investors have exceeded 40 million, which has grown exponentially. Investors, according to an employee of the mainstream digital cryptocurrency exchange, describe that the number of registered users of the exchange exceeded 5 million as of May 30, 2018, compared to only 3 million a month ago.
In the next two years, the global blockchain digital currency will have an asset market value of more than US$10 trillion, and digital currency investors will also reach a scale of more than 200 million yuan. The blue ocean market of blockchain assets will inevitably be detonated completely. The era of asset digitization has already arrived.
The founder of pointed out that the wallet is a basic application in a high-frequency environment where everyone can't live without it. The wallet + application will appear in various forms to meet the current functional unity of the current wallet, such as: Wallet + Social, Wallet + Trading, Wallet + Info, Wallet + Financial Derivation, etc. GoldBox is committed to the development of an integrated storage wallet + digital asset mortgage loan + wealth management application. Digital asset loan will follow the surge of market users. Demand will also gradually increase. In various application scenarios, for mine owners, there is no need to sell their own digital assets to maintain the basic expenses of the mines and expand the size of the mines. Long-term currency is held; for value investors, loans are made in wallets, and can also ensure investment and life normal , and completely solve the immediate needs of investors.
At present, the total market value of digital assets in the world is still growing, and most of these assets are idled in the accounts of users. Its value has not been fully realized. GoldBox's activities will maximize the activation of idle digital assets, create more value.
And GoldBox can provide a convenient and quick third-party banking settlement system for individuals. Users can easily obtain local legal currency loans through the platform when they hold a bank card, and can consume, transfer, pay, and withdraw cash globally.

GoldBox provides collateral management, post-loan monitoring and credit assessment services through smart contracts. Therefore, there is no artificial connection for the entire service process and the platform is fully automated. This can not only greatly improve the response performance, but also provide accurate services for multiple users at the same time.

The idea of is to let users really have a real digital asset in a distributed architecture. This is completely under your control. No one, no institution, no organization can take away your assets. Because if a large number of assets are placed in a centralized structure, they still face the problems that they faced in the traditional world: Your assets are not yours. Therefore, we have to provide more application scenarios and let the distributed Token flow around. This makes sense.
Goldbox's vision is to create the world's largest digital asset management platform, serving global digital asset holders, enabling the assets it holds to be stored securely, and maintaining and increasing the value of users' assets in a changing market environment. Help users maximize the value of assets .
The birth of the blockchain not only brings technological innovation to humanity, but also innovation in the entire eco-business model. Goldbox adopts a community-based autonomous thinking, recruits partners globally, and inspires more users with an open attitude. Actively participate in the platform, the platform will distribute 70% of the revenue to the eco-partners in the form of dividends, that is, "value return value creator"
The technology of the blockchain is still at its infancy and the technology is still constantly upgraded. With the development of science and technology and the advancement of the times, the real combination of a large number of applications and business is still actively exploring. It really set off a revolution. , More to reduce costs, improve efficiency, create value for humanity, and create more value for society.

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