Blessman Ministries Announces Schedule for Short Term Mission Trips to Africa

The 2015 spring and summer schedule for short term mission trips to South Africa has been made public.

The continent of Africa has had more than its share of poverty, famine and war. In many parts of this continent one in four residents are malnourished. Twenty-three million children in Africa go to school hungry every day. For this reason, Blessman Ministries is announcing the continuation this spring of their missionary trips to this region, and they encourage everyone reading this message to find a way they can also become involved.

Ministry spokesperson and Director of Operations Jill Lingren explains how the program works. “At Blessman Ministries, we send volunteers throughout the year to this region to serve in the missionary field. These volunteers can be individuals, Rotary groups, families or youth or church groups. The trips are short-term, so no long commitment is needed. We feel this makes it possible for anyone to have the opportunity to participate.”

According to Lingren these trips are both safe and comfortable, making them a wonderful way for parents to teach their children about the importance of charity first-hand. “The accommodations are comfortable, much more so than what many people may expect on a missionary trip. The duration of the trip is for twelve days and includes a photo safari at a game farm owned by the partners of the ministry. There is also the opportunity to enjoy a world class golf course during the day of the safari.”

“Those who come will have the opportunity to not only experience the beauty of South Africa but more importantly, to have hands-on time working, helping and teaching during the mission. No professional training is required, we only expect that those who come are doing so with a heart to serve and a desire to share the love of Christ with others.”

To apply, they ask that all interested individuals either call the ministry or visit their website. All participants will be required to fill out an application, background check and must have a valid passport. All contact information is available on the website along with a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions they receive.

About Blessman Ministries

The staff at Blessman Ministries are passionate about serving God. They feel this is best done by giving their time and talent to meet the physical needs of South African children and their families. The ministry provides nutritional support, housing, and medical care to as many as possible. They also work to help these same people meet their spiritual needs by providing training and support to the leaders of the churches in these areas. They continue to seek to meet their goal of showing everyone how much God loves them and to extend hope and healing to them through Jesus Christ.

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