Blender Judge Publishes New Information on Popular Blender Models

Individuals wish to ensure they purchase a blender that meets their needs in every way and the reviews offered through the site offer the information they need to do so, reports

Individuals wish to know which blender is best for their unique needs and Blender Judge ( strives to be of assistance with this, publishing new information on popular blenders to help consumers make informed choices. Blenders reviewed on the site include the Magic Bullet Nutribullet and Ninja Blenders. Consumers find the charts and reviews offered on the site help to make choosing a blender a simple task once again.

"A blender is a handy appliance to have. These devices can typically handle numerous tasks, such as mincing meat, making smoothies, dicing vegetables or chopping ingredients. The key to successfully choosing the right appliance lies in knowing what one wishes to do with the blender, as some can handle more complex tasks, yet others are basic models capable of taking on only simple jobs," Patricia Black, spokesperson for Blender Judge, explains.

First introduced in 2008, the Magic Bullet ( remains a consumer favorite. First marketed through infomercials, consumers find they can now purchase these devices in stores or on the Internet quickly and easily. The unit is very compact, yet is able to function as a juicer, food processor and traditional blender, making it the perfect choice for the single person or someone with a small kitchen and limited storage space.

One drawback to the compact size is the limited power of the unit. It cannot chop items in large quantities and fibrous foods and leafy greens may cause it to bind. Many find the unit meets their needs, however, and opt to purchase either the 17 or 25 piece set. As it features only one setting, there's no learning curve. The device may be used as soon as it comes out of the box and has been washed. Within a matter of seconds, the food or drink is prepared and ready for use, Black announces.

Other individuals find the Ninja Blender ( best meets their needs. This company makes multiple blending units, allowing customers to select one that fits easily in their budget while still allowing them to complete the desired tasks. The Ninja Blender NJ600 continues to receive top ratings, as it can crush ice into snow or create an amazing dip to share with friends and family.

"The NJ600 is only one of many Ninja models consumers may select from. Other options include the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse, the Master Prep Professional Blender and the Ninja Professional Single Serve System Pulse Blender. With the help of Blender Judge, individuals can learn about these and numerous other blenders on the market today to find the one which meets their needs in every way," Black reports.

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Designed to help consumers find the best blender for their budget and needs, Blender Judge supplies reviews and information on the best blenders offered today. Reviews are founded on research and cover all aspects of the various models, including price, quality, functions and more. The site continuously undergoes updates to provide the latest information, and consumers can review all models or narrow the options to only those they are most interested in. Finding a blender has never been easier thanks to this informative site.

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