Blazy Susan Introduces New Product From Dabbing Accessories Line With Its Distinctive Features

Blazy Susan is a leading dabbing and smoking accessories dealer. In a recent update, the agency introduced a new dabbing product alongside what sets it apart.

Blazy Susan, in a website post, has introduced a new dabbing accessory while outlining what makes it unique from others.

The new Blazy Susan Walnut Flight Pad allows users to take their sessions to new heights. This compact tray flies with users anywhere they go and easily fits in bags for those on the move. The product comes in small and large options. With a slot for the lighter and a large cone holder, users will have everything they need to roll on the go. The small Flight Pad also fits perfectly into the center of the Blazy Susan! The small size goes for $44.99, while the large option starts at $59.99.

From helping users keep the quartz clean with cotton buds, organizing the dab equipment with a dab station, and using the right dab tool, Blazy Susan’s dabbing accessories have dabbers covered. Users can have a dab essentials bundle that has everything a daily dabber needs in one package. Blazy Susans are the perfect compact tray with organizational slots.

Blazy Susan’s dabbing accessories have the same high standards as the rest of other products, which have been rigorously tested for quality to ensure customers are getting products at an even greater value.

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Not only that but all of the smoking accessories have been rigorously tested at a facility in Denver, CO. for quality to ensure users enjoy great products at an even greater value. From grinders to bowl cleaners, dabbers can grow their collection and enhance their next sesh with high-quality Blazy Susan smoking accessories.

Blazy Susans come with specialized inserts and cuts made for anything users can throw at it. For one, Blazy Susan has spots for the grinder, two spots to roll up on, a cup holder that fits multiple sizes of cups, and even a phone insert so people can conveniently stream their sesh or watch videos while they twist up a Blazy Susan pink joint.

Blazy Susan is also bringing top-of-the-class Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. For example, buyers can be sure to get 30% off everything on the site. The deal doesn’t end there; buyers will also get an additional 10% off if their cart is over $100.

About the Company:

Blazy Susan brand was the brainchild of our founder and CEO, Will Breakell. Will is a young entrepreneur from Roanoke, Virginia. Although Will graduated from the esteemed Virginia Military Institute, he soon realized that he was meant to take a different path than the majority of his peers. As a brand, Blazy Susan stands for equality and empowerment. The team understands that the community in this industry is often unfairly judged and criticized, as are its members. So, the agency hopes to be a glowing example of operating and leading the way in this uncharted territory.

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