Blackbird Doubles Down on Commitment to Fast-Track Industry 4.0 with Launch of Factbird Duo

Production facilities to gain unprecedented insights into how to improve overall equipment effectiveness using real-time production data

Blackbird is thrilled to launch Factbird® Duo, a new IoT device that helps factories quickly and seamlessly start and accelerate the process of digitization.

Factbird Duo can be installed on a production line within one hour and collects production data, including item counts, temperature flow and speeds, from any process in a factory. The data is automatically analyzed on the Blackbird cloud application to provide real-time manufacturing analytics, such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), downtime Pareto charts, KPIs and shift/batch progress.

Manufacturers can then use the data to optimize their processes, reduce waste, remove bottlenecks and decrease downtime. 

True plug and play on any system

Factbird Duo uses off-the-shelf standard sensors to transmit data directly and securely to the cloud server via a mobile network or WiFi. This means that there is no interference or delay from automation layers, and makes the installation of Factbird Duo nearly as easy as a new cell phone.
The solution can be used with any machine regardless of the age of existing control systems.
Factbird Duo acts as the eyes and ears of the Blackbird cloud application, which was designed to optimize manufacturing processes and is constantly improved based on customer requests. It requires no maintenance or manual updates, and the application can be used seamlessly on a standard PC, smartphone or tablet. 

The combination of Factbird Duo and the Blackbird cloud application can improve factory efficiency and profitability in a quicker, more cost-effective way compared to a traditional production control and OEE systems. 

All products are developed in-house, and Blackbird offers a free trial for customers to evaluate the service, which has been implemented in more than 25 countries in various industries, including pharmaceutical, automotive, food/beverage, medical devices, etc. 

About Blackbird
Blackbird ApS is a spinoff of emendo consulting group, a manufacturing consultancy which helps companies optimize every stage of the product lifecycle. During its consulting work, emendo discovered that many manufacturing companies were unable to participate in the digital transformation of production, known as Industry 4.0, due to a lack of data and legacy systems.
That drove emendo to develop innovative products such as the Blackbird solution to ensure that factory modernization is as quick, seamless and as profitable as possible.

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