Black Sclera Contact Lenses Sell The Spookiest Eyes For Halloween

Black Sclera Contact Lenses sell extra large radius contact lenses that create an unforgettable, haunting look ideal for Halloween costumes.

The eyes are the window to the soul, and it is no wonder that in popular fiction the eyes of the supernatural are otherworldly also. This effect is both dramatic and impactful and many individuals often wonder if they can achieve this at home without the benefit of CGI. The truth is that these dramas use Sclera contacts- ultra wide radius lenses that come in a variety of colours. Black Sclera Contact Lenses is a European company that has become one of the world’s leading suppliers owing to their competitive prices without sacrificing on quality.

The wide radius lenses cover the whole of the visible eye rather than just the iris as is typical in other contacts, and come in a wide range of styles beyond the typical black sclera contacts, creating radically different looks from the ethereal and angelic to the hellish. The UV lenses even glow under ultraviolet light to make individuals shine on the dance floor.

Though the company is based in Europe, they enjoy a worldwide customer base with glowing testimonials from Sweden, Italy, Mexico, the US and more. Their complimentary shipping ensures that the product always reaches its destination, and their FDA approval and CE certification mean they are fit for use anywhere.

A spokesperson for Black Sclera Contact Lenses explained, “Sclera contact lenses are the same kind of lenses used in supernatural dramas seen on TV, including True Blood, Grimm and Supernatural, to achieve an otherworldly look for a wide variety of characters including vampires, werewolves, the undead, and more. We do not sell our lenses at Hollywood prices however, and these affordable items lift a Halloween costume to a new level. They can be used by anyone to dramatically change their appearance and last up to a year, so can be used for party after party, and even next Halloween.”

About Black Sclera Contact Lenses: Black Sclera Contact Lenses sell high quality theatrical Sclera contacts at highly competitive prices. Their lenses have been sold in over two dozen countries, owing to their complimentary worldwide priority shipping. Among their clients are filmmakers, entertainment agencies and fashion shows. Individuals also purchase these items in order to achieve a unique look for a special occasion or fancy dress party.

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