Black Hat College Admission Sting Rocks the Nation—A Top Advisor Responds to the Scandal

Following the FBI’s “Operation Varsity Blues” sting, students and parents wonder how the scandal will affect the college admissions process. A leading independent college consultant and best-selling author underscores that an ethical approach will still lead to acceptances at our nation's top-tier colleges.

In the wake of today's massive FBI "Operation Varsity Blues" sting that ensnared dozens of high net worth and celebrity parents, along with college advisors, coaches, and "facilitators," many students and parents are concerned about how this will affect the college admissions process.

Commenting on the scandal, Dr. Deborah Bedor, CEO of College Admission Central, a New York based consultancy that works with some of the brightest, hard-working, and creative students from across the country and around the world, stated "These conspirators, should they be found guilty, deserve the harshest of punishment for their crimes. For every one of these students admitted by such illegal and immoral tactics, there was a well-deserving, intellectually hungry, and honest student who was denied admittance to his or her dream school."

As author of the best-selling book Getting IN By Standing OUT: The New Rules for Admission to America's Best Colleges, Dr. Bedor speaks on stage to thousands of students annually, and works with clients one-on-one to help them gain acceptance to their best fit and top-tier colleges. Her coaching and advice centers on developing each student's individuality and cultivating a unique "thread of fascination" that sets them apart in the increasingly competitive application process. The fact that Admissions has become so unnervingly competitive is what spawned the type of illegal activity that has parents seeking out a shady network of "facilitators" to gain unfair advantage for their children.

Dr. Bedor is very vocal on this latest affront to the college application process.

"This chicanery does not only affect your children, whose applications will be scrutinized; it affects you, the parents, and how you guide these bright students to become empathetic but analytical, unscripted but articulate, fascinating but humble citizens of the world. I can tell you what will not ultimately create that human being: engaging in black hat admissions shenanigans! Your child's generation is not here to be content or to be spoon-fed success, but rather to meet challenges, to work toward solutions, and to grow as an intellect and communicator passionate about the broad and generous exchange of ideas. You, as parents, have the chance to enable your children's curiosity, help them discover their talents and motivations, and lead them towards understanding the empowerment that comes with risking, failing, rebuilding, and succeeding. Then, allow them to fly. If they leave a legacy of social good behind-that's wonderful. If they spend their high school years scampering down intellectual rabbit holes-that's also wonderful. If they learn their strengths and weaknesses-whether those be in: a school subject, STEM research, test-taking ability, athletics, creativity, or a knack for turning problems on their sides and finding solutions-all of that self-awareness is wonderful and powerful. But, it is the student who must take the journey in order to determine his or her value in society. No parent, coach, proctor, or test-prep tutor can take those steps for them."

Even when the activity has not been overtly illegal, there are countless murky, gray moral areas that exist in the Admissions process today. Many private consultants and ex-Admissions officers often claim to have "inside connections" that will help move a student's file to the top of the Admissions committee's stack. While these claimed connections are frequently tenuous, and their actual effect questionable, the entire concept is abhorrent to parents who cannot afford to pay for such "special treatment."

Dr. Bedor's students gain admission every year to the Ivy League, top tier, and top state universities with exceptional departments in diverse fields by competing fairly and developing their unique perspectives and goals as artists, researchers, engineers, political thinkers, and entrepreneurial souls. Admissions pays attention to these students.

College Admission Central is democratizing the college admission process, and is making expert help available to everyone at an affordable cost. This is achieved through the development of unique software and multimedia tools that enable every student to compete at the highest level.

Regarding the current admissions scandal, Dr. Bedor added, "I want to reassure nervous but honest students and parents that you now have an excellent opportunity to rise above those who seek to game the system. Getting in to your best fit and dream college can indeed become a reality for students with strong intellects, powerful work ethic, and an open attitude towards building the person you want to be for now. Please do not be discouraged by the duplicitous actions of some. They are not, ultimately, doing any favors for their children. Seek astute and nurturing guidance to help make strategic decisions, open new avenues for your children's creative, intellectual, or entrepreneurial proclivities, and help develop the exciting, individual initiatives that will teach your children how to succeed in life 'on their own steam' while setting themselves apart to gain acceptance into the top schools in the nation."

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