Bizmatchery Wants Small Businesses to Start ‘dating’

Small businesses across the US just got a major boost thanks to the newly launched business matching concept at

A simple goal drives this new venture: to be the best business-to-business networking resource. BizMatchery is all about business, especially small business. The site is dedicated to profile-matching and helping business owners make connections to succeed in a competitive market.

Every successful business needs partners, supplies and materials to operate. BizMatchery helps busy people find the right ones. Founder Derick Turner says the genesis is all about growing a successful business one match at a time. He explains, “After years of helping develop small businesses and seeing their challenges, the idea for BizMatchery came as an epiphany. If people can find their perfect match by using a dating site, why not businesses?”

How does it work? You build a profile for your business and tell BizMatchery what you need (partners, suppliers etc.). BizMatchery experts will manually search for companies and quickly provide the best possible matches. Once businesses are matched, they can begin networking through the site or directly. This networking can be done locally or nationally, and all of this can be done without wasting time or emptying the marketing piggy bank.

Joining BizMatchery gives clients a searchable online profile with no geographic boundaries. You connect with others easily with 24/7 exposure for your own business venture. This organization is all about the ability to match businesses, especially small ones, with the best clients and services, wherever they are. Businesses of any size can potentially be matched since the focus is on finding the best (not biggest) matches for new business partners. “The whole purpose is to make finding the right business partners easier for our members,” explains Turner. With Phase one newly launched, members can immediately create business profiles and start looking for matches.

BizMatchery hopes to leverage donations using crowdsourcing funding via to grow this hub of entrepreneurs and business owners. The perks are great too. More members equal better matches. Donations of any amount will directly benefit other small businesses, and there are significant ‘perks' for donating at low price points detailed on the site. Funding will be dedicated to two areas: funding the development of Phase 2 (which will offer automated matching using a proprietary algorithm), and covering operating costs while new members are signing up. No budget? No problem. Help other small businesses succeed by taking to social media and sharing BizMatchery's links on Indiegogo, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Your time is valuable and BizMatchery is grateful for any support. With Phase 1 live, the organization isn't sitting back relaxing. Phase 2 is already in development and will deliver even faster searches via the proprietary algorithm. Find out more at

“To constantly develop the best resource for true business to business networking; inspiring real connections, between real people, for better business.” - Mission Statement

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