BizFed Earthquake Preparedness Seminar Series Unveiled

A series of earthquake preparedness seminars have been announced by the Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed), with a focus on creating a safer LA County.

Summer 2019 saw a major 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Ridgecrest and cause considerable damage in the LA County area. This fell alongside the ongoing wildfires that destroyed much of the surrounding areas. As a result, BizFed has partnered with Optimum Seismic to develop an educational series that focuses on teaching local business owners to prepare for a natural disaster. These seminars will include presentations that explain detailed steps to follow now, in order to create more resilient and prepared businesses before another disaster strikes

This series features a collaboration between BizFed, Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, Southern California Association of Governments, and Optimum Seismic Inc. Key presenters in the program also include the Los Angeles Office of Emergency and the Office of Sustainability. The seminar series runs in observance of National Disaster Preparedness Month in September and the California Shakeout on October 17.

The whole purpose of the series is to provide an educational workshop for businesses in LA County. There will be a diversity of speakers and training programs, teaching business leaders what actions they can take to avoid devastation from both minor and major earthquakes.

BizFed’s founding CEO, Tracy Hernandez, states that “these seminars will present timely and relevant information on how to protect your business, property, employees and tenants.” She went on to add that “we encourage local businesses and organizations to learn how they can prepare for and respond to the natural hazards facing all communities in Los Angeles County.”

These sentiments were echoed by Ali Sahabi, CEO of Optimum Seismic Inc. and a world leader in seismic resiliency and sustainability, as he stated:

“Increasing public awareness of how businesses use earthquake engineering to make our cities safer is the major goal of these seminars.” He went on to speak about the damages caused by major earthquakes in the LA County area, explaining that “researchers estimate the eight-county region of Southern California could suffer property damage of $113 billion in a major earthquake, with additional business-related impacts of $68 billion or more."

Sahabi concluded his statement by mentioning that “recovery from a major earthquake that directly hits our densely populated urban area will take years, if not decades. FEMA estimates 40% of businesses that close their doors as a result of disasters will never reopen”.

The Southern California Association of Governments believes that this seminar series can help with economic growth and provide protection for businesses in the area. Kome Ajise, Executive Director of SCAG, said that “these seminars are intended to enhance the seismic resilience of our businesses, which is critical to maintaining the economic vitality of Southern California.”

Seminars begin on September 11, 2019
There will be a total of five different seminars running from September 11 to November 6. All five will be held at convenient locations throughout LA County, and lunch is provided for all attendants. The programs start at 12 pm and will conclude at 2 pm, with hours devoted to educational workshops and speakers.

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