Biteris Bank, 100% Crypto Based Bank, Crosses All Borders

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Biteris is a multi-national company based in Mexico, offering an eclectic array of payment processing services, cross-border investment solutions, and business funding.

The rapid growth of the global crypto market offers a myriad of opportunities for traders and investors, but it also imposes numerous risks that most millennials are not familiar with.

According to, the main difference between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies is that “crypto isn’t protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation if the company you buy it from fails.”

Most people would put their hard-earned money in a reputable bank and live off of interest. Most types of loans were handled by banks while hundreds of thousands of crypto traders don’t have these opportunities, or don’t even recognize them as viable options.

Biteris, a Mexico-based multi-national crypto-based bank, offers reliable, dependable services in terms of funding solutions and no-collateral loans.

“Biteris Bank understands the needs of every merchant, business owner, investor, and their clients. This is why we stand by stronger than ever to help your business flourish. We fund everything from hot dog carts to shopping malls. Billions of dollars are on standby, waiting to be put to good use.”

The company’s no collateral loans have helped hundreds of smaller businesses get up on their feet, grow, and scale. The brand states that “no collateral loans are now a thing”, adding that these loans are easy to apply for and can be approved within a few hours.

Biteris solutions are meant to circumvent the unnecessarily complicated qualification stages and regulations, empowering their customers by providing straightforward and dependable solutions.

Biteris has also launched the Biteris Coin (BTSC), which is currently available at $0.9837 per unit on Waves Exchange. The brand describes Biteris Coin as a “utility token utilized by investors in order to facilitate jurisdictionally challenging business transactions, as well as real estate and commercial business investment funding.”

The brand states that all customers can benefit from its no collateral loan solutions regardless of credit rating, stating that Biteris Bank is fully committed to catering to the needs of all individuals and businesses everywhere in the world:

“Everything works on social credit, generated volume and usage. The more you utilize Biteris Crypto, the greater your chances are of obtaining a loan without having to qualify.“

Biteris Bank has reshaped the landscape of the current crypto banking scene, eliminating confusing formalities and complications, and introducing plain, simple means of using cryptocurrencies and applying for crypto loans.

One of the most important elements that distinguish Biteris Bank from similar crypto institutions is the fact that the brand can seamlessly operate globally, allowing their customers to freely make transactions across all borders and “provides the administrative support necessary to facilitate those transactions.”

More information about Biteris Bank can be found on the brand’s official website.

Contact Info:
Name: Tony Biteris
Email: Send Email
Organization: Biteris Bank
Address: Mexico
Phone: +52 664 815 6655

Release ID: 89048117

Name: Tony Biteris
Email: Send Email
Organization: Biteris Bank
Address: Mexico