Bitcoin Alternative Devcoin Enjoys Massive Community Growth Launching Custom Coded Forum

Devcoin - the only Bitcoin alternative which sponsors open source work worldwide - has experienced huge growth in the size of the community, having launched DVC's very own custom coded Devcoin forum.

The development of a custom coded Devcoin forum and rapid growth in the community of Devcoiners mark Devcoin maturing to its next phase of adoption, and solidifying its already firm position as a cryptocurrency that is built to last.

Devcoin sets itself apart from many other alternative cryptocurrencies with its unique world changing mission: to make the world a better place by rewarding open source development in every field, especially technology, but also including marketing and art. Devcoin is also unique in that the bulk of its block generation reward does not go to miners but to people worldwide involved in open source work.

The Devtome project’s stable of writers has seen massive growth in the past few weeks as word is getting out that writers can get paid for their creative work much faster than through many traditional publication routes. The writers joining the community are successful business owners, established writers and bloggers, and even high school and college students. These new writers are eager to contribute to Devcoin’s growth and development while reaping the rewards that come from publishing their open source content on Devtome. The quality of writing has also seen big improvements as many of the writers who joined earlier have become article administrators and have made it their mission to weed out poor quality work while helping competent writers to further improve their work.

The increase in the number of writers forming the Devtome community, along with the higher standards for content, has added some healthy competition for the shares making up the monthly 180 million Devcoin generation reward. This pool is divided up among an ever increasing pool of writers. The anticipation of higher future value means more writers are choosing to hang onto, rather than immediately sell, their earnings. For those who do want to sell, there are investors who believe they are buying at a bargain. When investors buy and hold Devcoins they are supporting the overall goals of the Devcoin project which include plans to sponsor the development of an open source spaceship.

The Devcoin community now has a new home in Coinzen, a forum custom designed for Devcoin but with potential to also become a home for other alt coin communities. Coinzen has a few custom coded features which give forum posters greater control over their threads, such as the ability to moderate threads they started and add other users to their buddy lists.

In a world where a new alt coin is announced every day and where the majority will fail, Devcoin is one of the few which has stood the test of time. With the DVC/BTC market on Cryptsy launching last month, the massive growth of the Devtome writer community, the creation of the Coinzen forum, and its ongoing unique and world changing mission – Devcoin is the alt coin which just might one day literally go to the moon, through eventually sponsoring the development of an open source spacecraft.

To visit the custom coded Devcoin forum please go to:

Release ID: 38448