Bitcoin Advertising Platform to Offer Start-up Financing and Advertising

The innovative Cryptr platform provides tools to help both Bitcoin start-ups and established cryptocurrency businesses increase traffic and earnings, and access financing opportunities worldwide aims to be the premier service to jumpstart Bitcoin and cryptocurrency businesses worldwide. The site offers a range of services for cryptocurrency start-ups including banner and text off-site ads, hosted advertising for webmasters, on-site network ads, paid-to-click ads, a traffic booster with profit share, a multi tier affiliate program, financing for Bitcoin startups, merchant services for businesses wishing to accept a variety of digital currencies and much more. Cryptr currently pays out in and accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and Zetacoin: with plans to integrate many more alternative digital currencies in the near future. enables webmasters to maximize revenue from their online content with Cryptr off-site ads. These provide a free, flexible way to earn money from websites and mobile sites with relevant and engaging ads. Off-site network ad publishers receive up to 90% of all off-site ad revenue. Real time statistics are shown in the members’ area: webmasters can also display ads on their websites which are suited to their audience’s interests and earn Bitcoin from valid clicks or impressions. Every click is rewarded instantly via cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin businesses and advertisers can also purchase ads within the Cryptr Member and Ad-Watcher areas. In addition, banners will be in rotation within and partner websites, and also during login. For these on-site ads, members of Cryptr can also earn extra Bitcoin by visiting individual websites. also provides a new kind of Traffic Booster. Members are able to purchase traffic for their website: other members of the Booster are also able to surf the ad-watcher and view other members’ websites. There will also be a paid to read newsletter service for webmasters to promote their websites, and for users to earn Bitcoin, Litecoin and Zetacoin.’s micro and start-up financing system for digital currency businesses is based solely on cryptocurrencies. The financing can be fixed or supported by lifetime profit sharing through the system. The platform helps connect Bitcoin start-ups who require funding with angel investors: who are looking to both support the Bitcoin ecosystem, and generate solid returns on their investments. Real-time statistics on investments and returns are provided to investors. also offers a lucrative 3 tier affiliate program and there are plans for a member to member marketplace – similar to eBay but 100% cryptocurrency based. The marketplace will also offer member to member crypto to fiat currency trading with a wide selection of altcoins. Cryptr is also developing a merchant payment gateway solution for online businesses wishing to accept Bitcoin and many other digital currencies as payment methods on their sites – much like how BitPay operates today. With its huge variety of Bitcoin advertising opportunities, ways for crypto entrepreneurs to earn Bitcoin, its upcoming merchant services, and its Bitcoin start-up financing – is a truly unique resource for cryptocurrency websites and businesses worldwide. The ambitious Bitcoin advertising and micro-financing platform is an all in one solution for any Bitcoin, Litecoin and Zetacoin business worldwide which needs more traffic, exposure, funding and revenue.

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