Bitcen Set To Disrupt The Cryptocurrency With The Launch of An ICO

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Fast emerging crypto asset, Bitcen (BTE), continues to gain traction across the globe as more people look to leverage their unique digital currency ecosystem

Bitcen (BTE) is undoubtedly looking to chart a new course in the digital currency space as the relatively new digital asset is already attracting the attention of people in different parts of the world. Bitcen is already accepted as a form of payment by several insurance companies in North America and Europe, showing the enormous potentials of the crypto.

The global digital currency market and blockchain space have evolved over the years, attracting businesses and individuals looking to leverage their amazing benefits. However, one digital asset, Bitcen, is looking to challenge the status quo, offering features that stand it out from other cryptos. Operating on the Tezos platform, Bitcen seeks the self-regulatory feature of the system to develop sustainably, without the need to implement a Hard Fork like how Bitcoin Cash was born.

Bitcen uses a Proof of Stake algorithm that does not require computationally, with low energy consumption. The groundbreaking initiative allows mobile devices to also become a Node of Blockchain, consequently building a stronger more decentralized network. Like Bitcoin, Bitcen also has a limit on the number of coins that can be mined - 19 million, ensuring that the value of the asset increases gradually over time.

Other features of Bitcen include high security, decentralized management, and the impossibility of altering previous data or transactions. Its unique features are auto-upgradability, eco-friendliness, and no hard fork.

Bitcen also has a unique mechanism operating on the Proof of Stake algorithm, requiring users to have coins to confirm transactions and the formation of new blocks. The cycle adopted by the algorithm also rewards candidates selected to confirm the transaction.

The Bitcen ecosystem is already becoming increasingly popular and accepted, with support from major insurance companies across the globe. The likes of AIG, Aviva, Life Direct, and American Family are already accepting Bitcen for the payment of insurance policies.

In line with Bitcen's goal of making the world a better place, proceeds from the ICO will be used to implement clean water projects and educational activities in Africa.

Bitcen will be listed on major exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, or Coinbit, allowing holders to trade Bitcen in Peer-to-Peer format with others at the quoted rate.

For more information about Bitcen and how to be part of the innovative process, please visit - and Whitepaper. Bitcen can also be found across social media, including YouTube and Telegram.

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Name: Bitcen
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