BirdSend Launches The World’s First And Only Email Marketing Platform Exclusively For Content Creators

New online tool allows creatives to focus on creating rather than wasting time on fancy email design.

A Software as a Service developer has announced the full public launch of its new product, BirdSend, which finally gives content creators an approach to email marketing management that is truly built with their unique requirements in mind.

BirdSend To Help Creatives Fly High

Software developer XooGuu has officially released the world’s first and only email marketing platform exclusively for content creators, allowing course creators, bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, and other creatives the chance to finally streamline their email management processes to deliver super fast results that ultimately lead to more conversions, more time, and more profit.

BirdSend is an email marketing platform exclusively created for Content Creators and Content Creators only. These content creators focus on creating great content rather than worrying over "beautiful" emails.

The tool allow for creatives to create automated email marketing streams that drive clients towards conversion without any additional effort while audience segregation and contact list management allows users to operate several campaigns simultaneously, ensuring that only the relevant streams are sent to each user.

Analytical tools present clear information for users. BirdSend instantly identifies VIP clients, pinpoints which emails perform best, and details the financial value of each subscriber. All of these elements allow creators to focus their energies on the most successful ideas while automating most of the hard work, so that they can actually spend more time fulfilling their orders.

BirdSend’s ability to seamlessly integrate with a range of carts (Zaxaa, Shopify, etc.), landing pages (Instapage, Click Funnels, etc.), forms (Google Sheets, Ninja Forms, etc.), and payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe, etc.) offers creatives even greater flexibility in the bid to turn interest into profit.

When supported by a clear and responsive dashboard, as well as a host of great customer care facilities and software reliability, BirdSend is the ultimate choice for any content creative hoping to maximise email open rates and conversions.
BirdSend is a Software as a Service product developed by XooGuu, LLC., a SaaS specialist that has created a variety of business tools since 2011. The developer is also behind the Zaxaa cart platform that has been adopted by thousands of eCommerce retailers across the globe.

The BirdSend App and software is the direct successor to the developer’s old email marketing platform, BEATS. With more features, faster performances, and a defined focus on helping creatives, BirdSend is already helping hundreds of content creators in their bid to streamline their email marketing endeavours. It’s impact is set to grow into 2020 and beyond.

More information is available at Alternatively, you can contact BirdSend’s press contact Welly Mulia by telephone on +622180675756, via email on, or post at 18th Floor, Maspion Plaza Gunung Sahari Raya No. 18 Jakarta 14420, Indonesia.

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Address: 18th Floor, Maspion Plaza Gunung Sahari Raya No. 18 Jakarta 14420, Indonesia
Phone: +622180675756

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