Biodegradable Wet Wipes Recommended for Cleaning Home and Furniture Items

Surviveware’s Wet Wipes Versatile for Home and Kitchen Use

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has pushed people to seek products that allow them to perform their daily tasks in significantly less time — this has paved the way to the creation of products that are convenient, versatile, and affordable. One of these multi-purpose products is Surviveware’s Biodegradable Wet Wipes.

Surviveware’s wet wipes are becoming a must-have among hikers, campers, and hunters. These wipes come in a pack of 32. Thus, adventure-seekers will never run out of wipes to use for their quick clean-ups. In addition, these wet wipes are versatile and have a wide variety of uses. For instance, aside from their advertised camping and hygiene uses, they can be used at home for cleaning countertops and furniture.

Extra wet wipes after a camping trip can be used to wipe down kitchen counters of food drippings and stains. These wipes are moisture-enriched; they can also be used to remove dirt, grime, and dust. Surviveware’s wet wipes can be used to remove oil, grime, and splatters.on fridge handles and kitchen appliances such as toasters, microwaves, and coffee machines.

The wet wipes are made from a durable cloth material that doesn’t leave lint or tear easily, meaning they are ideal for wiping furniture and removing dust from a leather sofa, side tables, or cabinets. The wipes measure 8” x 12” which is large enough to clean tabletops after a hearty lunch or dinner. Also, they are fragrance-free, so homeowners don’t have to worry about leaving scented residue on their appliance and table tops.

In the following review written by one of Surviveware’s Amazon customers, she shared how she maximizes the use of the remaining wipes in her pack, “I got these for a camping trip with pit toilets and no running water. Large, sturdy size great for wiping off the thick layer of daily dirt and grime accumulation from hiking around a fine sand desert. 1-2 wipes were usually enough for an average sized adult body. Also used for sensitive areas with no issue. Did not use the whole pack on the trip so used the last few at home to wipe down dirty feet from playing barefoot outside.”

This is your chance to discover why Surviveware’s wet wipes are recommended by BuzzFeed and are Amazon’s Choice for Body Wipes. Save time and keep your body and home squeaky clean with these wet wipes.

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