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According to statistics recently rreleased by Bowker, the company responsible for ISBNs, the number of print and ebooks self-published each year is up nearly 300% since 2006. Furthermore, of the nearly 150,000 print books released in 2011, 43% were self-published. In light of these revolutionary, industry changing trends, Don Cronk, founder of, has created a writing for profit website aimed at those entrepreneurs looking for more information on how to self publish.

Explains Cronk, "It takes the right type of preparation and encouragement to get started as a writer. Our site dishes out the indispensable information one needs to develop and nurture their writing skills. We cover such topics as how writers can fully mature their writing eye, and most importantly, where and just how to self publish and market your products."

Offering practical advice, the newly designed website offers walk-throughs and examples, real world suggestions and editing solutions for the would-be published writer. Says Cronk, "Whether you are looking at self-publishing a self-help book, teen literature, or the great novel of our time, the suggestions and tips we offer on our site are sure to be of use, as they're practical and will just make sense. You can browse through the site during your free time, picking up hints about short story writing, self publishing a children's book, as well as how to write a novel. We offer free access to the site without logging in."

In addition to the editing and writing assistance provided, billabongvalley is also offering publishing services. Cronk confirms. "Billabong Valley Publications is excited to make available new premium publishing services. These services act as an extension to the writing lessons, hints, and innovative ideas which are online, free to browse through and pick up on. This service will help you take that further step from draft manuscript all the way to seeing your book as a finished product sitting on a book shelf."

Begun in 2004 to support the website for the children's book Billabong Valley, the site has since expanded through the years, becoming a go-to resource for aspiring authors. The site publishes original tutorial material on a regular basis, assisting writers of all levels of skill, helping to develop and refine their writing techniques. With over 30 years of writing and tutoring experience, the author teaches people how to write effectively in a blunt, straight forward approach, that is both practical and easy to comprehend and utilize. The Billabong Valley website relaunched in 2010 as Billabong Valley Writing and Publishing, with the aim of further focusing on education, but also providing writers the skill needed to professionally publish their works.

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