Bill Torvund On the Significance of Spiritual Healing

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The healing process is always one of co-creation.

The answer to many of life’s problems can often be found right inside the individual, but finding that answer within one’s own mind often needs a close attunement to the power of the universe and the spirit. Each individual has an unchanging and perfect light body, also known as the etheric body or etheric field, which is connected to the vitalizing energy of universal consciousness. Bill Torvund, founder of the healing ministry The Sanctuary of The On, explains how to tap and use this force to animate and nurture the self or Being.

The healing process is always one of co-creation, said Bill Torvund, with heartfelt prayers being extended to the cosmic forces of Infinite Love, Divine Light and Life Energy, allowing the spiritual guide to often mentally see the shifts taking place within a person’s energetic and physical anatomy. Often thought of as facilitators, these individuals are only needed to temporarily step in and help another rebalance and return to an etheric state of spiritual equilibrium. By joining forces with the ‘Light of God’ in order to direct divine creative intelligence through the power of prayer to where it is most needed, God gives the spiritual ability to Create. As the healer joins in harmony with the Divine mind, miracle healing results can regularly occur.

While medical doctors are trained strictly to work with the conditions of the physical body and to diagnose and treat presenting conditions using established standards, the healer regards the body as the physical manifestation of the divine soul, which is God in individuated form. The art of the healer is to use the template of the soul, within which there is a perfect, incorruptible and eternal image of God, to align the etheric body with the physical one. In other words, the body is moved back into divine perfection so that it is once again in resonance with its soul, and remembers structurally, genetically and energetically how to function. The spiritual power to help others to heal therefore happens when we tap into a force of power that is much greater than any individual strength, and it is through this remarkable process that beneficial improvements or instant miracles can happen. It is written in Scripture that God’s children are to, “ask and it is given.” This is the key to cosmic healing, as we must ask for spiritual assistance in order to connect with and direct the forces of Creation. When given, countless in need can be helped.

Bill Torvund has been leading healing ministries since becoming aware of his healing gifts when he was four years old. In 1980 Bill was directed by the Holy Spirit to found The Sanctuary of On, a religious non-profit organization that first opened its doors in February 1980 in Portland, Oregon, to increase the outreach of his healing and teaching ministry.

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