Bikram Yoga Delta Offers Introductory Special for New Students

Bikram yoga improves the lives of participants in a multitude of ways now with an introductory offer for new students.

Bikram Yoga Delta continues to offer an introductory special for new students who choose to sign up for auto pay. Students who select this option pay only $59 for the first month, while seniors and students pay only $49. "Bikram Yoga Delta works to help others change their lives, and the introductory special is designed to help those looking to make this change by saving them money," Mark Parhar of Bikram Yoga Delta declares.

Many turn to Bikram yoga surrey as it offers fitness and weight loss benefits. This yoga school serves residents of Surrey and Delta. The fitness program incorporates strength, improves flexibility and balance while using gravity, and remains challenging each and every session. Fresh oxygen flows through the body as each part of the body is worked during these sessions.

"Users find they look and feel better immediately after each workout because the body is receiving this fresh oxygen. During the workout, the body flushes the lymphatic system while also stimulating the nervous and endocrine systems to release enzymes and hormones which are deficient, therefore results are seen right away," Parhar explains.

Bikram yoga differs from other forms of yoga in that sessions take place in a 40 degree Celsius room, as the warmth helps to cleanse the body while warming the muscles. The warmth also relieves the natural resistance of the body so one can stretch deeper with less risk of injury. As Parhar explains, those of any age and fitness level benefit from yoga workouts because the entire body receives stimulation, one designed to make the body work as nature intended.

Bikram yoga participants find their energy levels go up while stress levels decrease. Mental clarity and focus improve with regular attendance to Bikram Yoga classes and flexibility and strength increase. Circulation improves and participants find sleep gets better while chronic pain and old injuries become a thing of the past.

"Although many turn to this form of yoga to lose weight and get into shape, they find their body benefits in many other ways. Thanks to the numerous benefits of this workout option, anyone can get into shape and stay that way for life. Yoga is very easy on the body and yet improves the life of the participant in a multitude of ways," Parhar proclaims.

About Bikram Yoga Delta:
Bikram Yoga Delta follows the principles of Yagiraj Bikram Choudhury, founder of the Yoga College of India and an internationally renowned yoga instructor. Using 26 beginner poses and two breathing exercises, Bikram Yoga takes place in a heated room and works to help strengthen, stretch and prepare the body to work all parts in perfect order. The goal is to return the body to a natural, balanced state, while preventing illness and promoting weight loss.

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Organization: Bikram Yoga Delta
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