Bikini Body Guides Publish New Review Of Sweat With Kayla Mobile App

Bikini Body Guides helps people find information on diet and exercise guides to get themselves beach ready. It has now published a new review of Kayla Itsines’ Sweat With Kayla mobile app.

The obesity epidemic is creating a huge strain on individuals throughout the developed world, who are now more overweight than ever before. As a result, more people than ever are now trying to find the perfect exercise regime to help them shed unwanted pounds and tone their body. Bikini Body Guides is a website that helps people find out all the information they could need on the women’s beach body fitness guides available. They have just published a comprehensive review of Kayla Itsines’ latest offering, the Sweat With Kalya app.

The review (on the Official Website) first introduces Kayla Itsines and tells readers about her bikini body guide, parts one and two. It then discusses the app as a development of these guides, and outlines what the aims and objectives were for Itsines when she created the app.

The article then evaluates the app against how well it fulfils these aims, and how it compares to the previous guides Itsines has publishes. The review is fully hands on, and covers the app’s design and usability as well as its content, in order to give people a comprehensive insight on how well it performs.

A spokesperson for explained, “Kayla Itsines is going from strength to strength, and this app is her latest effort to offer more variety than ever in training. It will help people engage with her exercises and advice in new ways, but we are not without reservation in our conclusion. We want people to understand exactly what the app does, and how it compares to the guide. That way, our readers can make an informed decision about the fitness tools they use. Our website has full and detailed reviews of Kayla’s other products together with those of competitors, so people can decide for themselves.”

About Bikini Body Guides: Bikini Body Guides is an online resource center that specializes in helping people find actionable information on health and fitness programs designed for women looking to get the ‘bikini body’ look. The website is regularly updated by a committed editor who tries each of the programs personally in order to share genuine insights on the effectiveness of every guide.

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