Big Bounce Fun House Rentals Owner Susan Lorimer Speaks to TAPMAG

In new article in Jan. 2016 issue of Tourist Attractions & Parks magazine, Lorimer raises important points about inflatable rental insurance and safety, Big Bounce Fun House Rentals reports

Big Bounce Fun House Rentals owner Susan Lorimer was featured in a recent Tourist Attractions & Parks, or TAPMAG, article, the company reported. Speaking to a TAPMAG reporter about the importance of proper insurance and safety measures, Lorimer pointed out how she has actively, successfully addressed these challenges in her own company. With a regular circulation of 32,000, TAPMAG is the mostly widely read amusement-industry trade publication, so Lorimer's valuable advice will be absorbed by many. As Indiana's leading inflatable rental company, Big Bounce Fun House Rentals consistently maintains the highest standards of professionalism and safety, while ensuring that clients have access to the most exciting inventory of products and always have a great time.

"It was a real pleasure to speak with TAPMAG about some issues that are very important to me personally, as well as to the industry in general," Lorimer said, "While we are honored to compete with companies that put as much emphasis on safety and proper insurance as we do, the fact is that there are some who threaten to drag the reputation of the industry down. Plenty of important progress has been made, but the inflatable rental industry still has some growing up to do. We're proud to lead the way, both through our own example and by helping to spread the word, as with this TAPMAG story."

Having become staples of children's birthday parties and other events where young people gather, inflatable amusements are by now familiar to most Americans. When properly insured, maintained, set up, and supervised, they can provide safe, trouble-free entertainment that will help make any occasion a special and memorable one.

As Lorimer points out in the new TAPMAG article, however, quite a bit of work must be done behind the scenes and at events themselves to allow this to happen. For one thing, insurers are sometimes reluctant to work with inflatable amusement rental providers, as it can be challenging to keep up with ever-changing inventories and accurately assess the risks associated with particular products. Regular, effective communication, Lorimer notes, is therefore key to making sure that appropriate coverage can be obtained to protect all involved.

With some high-profile accidents having attracted public attention in recent years, Lorimer also emphasizes the importance of education. Simple, proven measures can greatly reduce the likelihood of injuries or weather-related problems, but inflatable rental providers have to strive diligently to make sure their customers and own employees understand and apply these. In order to help steward the industry's reputation and to contribute to its long-term viability, Lorimer now regularly speaks to others in the industry at conventions and the like and also seeks out ways to improve the general public's level of awareness regarding inflatable amusement safety.

The new article, titled "Getting the Best Bounce from Insurance: Trends and Issues" can be found in the January, 2016 issue of TAPMAG. More information about Big Bounce Fun House Rentals is available at the company's website at

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