Big Barker Introduces American Made Extra Large Orthopedic Dog Beds

Extra large orthopedic dog beds launched by Big Barker makes life easier for large dogs and dogs with arthritis.

The most common problem in aging dogs is arthritis, however, back pain, including Degenerative Myelopathyis, a progressive neurological disease causing loss of muscle function occurring in many large dogs, is a painful condition facing many dogs today. To counter this condition and the common aches and pains of associated with large dog's growth patterns, Eric Shannon, owner of Big Barker, a maker of premium beds for big dogs, suggests a quality dog bed specifically made with the large dog in mind.

Says Shannon, "If you have a big dog, you know the one thing that was always hard to find was items for big, and really big dogs. Oh, you could always find good, quality stuff for a Beagle with no problem, but for a Mastiff? Well, that wasn't always so easy. Our first product line was the Big Barker Dog Beds. I took the feedback and experiences from my previous business, partnered up with a small workshop in Northern California that's run by one of the world's leading experts in foam engineering, and worked together to design the world's best dog bed for big dogs."

Shannon enthusiastically explains what makes his dog bed different from the many others you can purchase in the marketplace. "Big Barker dog beds are made with 7" of superior quality American-Made foam, a 2" layer of H10 Comfort Foam, a 3" middle layer of H45 Support Foam & another 2" layer of H10 Comfort Foam, the same foam used in expensive furniture. It completely supports every nook and crevice of a big dog's body. Your dog will not sink into the bed, full grown humans feel comfortable laying on a Big Barker. We cannot stress how important it is to have American Made foam in your dog bed. Yes, it costs a bit more, but you want a dog bed that will last for many years, right? We guarantee our foam will retain at least 90% of its original shape & support for the next 10 years or your money back! Do any of the dog beds made in China offer that?"

Shannon explains this extra large dog bed is the best investment you can make for a large sized dog, explaining orthopedic dog beds need three criteria to be effective. Says Shannon, "They must provide incredible support and comfort, not flattening out over time. Additionally, it has to be easy to clean and should look great in your house. We make a dog bed hand crafted with absolute precision to provide perfectly distributed weight support for extreme comfort and durability. This bed looks like a beautiful piece of furniture and feels like a high end velvety couch on your skin. It's simple to clean, all you do is just unzip the cover and toss it in the washing machine."

About Big Barker:
A family run company begun in 2006 as a retail dog supply company, the company has shifted its focus to concentrate solely on large dog merchandise. The anchor product for the company was the large dog beds, with a vision of making the best quality in the category, making products in America, and offering the best warranty and return policy possible.

Contact Info:
Name: Eric Shannon
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Organization: Big Barker
Phone: 215-645-2306

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