Bien Quynh Food Shares The Health Benefits Of Tuna In Its News Section

Bien Quynh Food described the significant health benefits of having Tuna on this official online platform, under the news section.

Bien Quynh Food is one of the top companies in Vietnam, offering fresh and processed seafood products. The company has recently shared an article explaining the “Health Benefits of Tuna” under the new section of its official website.

The article was posted on 13 March 2020 by one of their representatives. The item is a powerpack of information about the six health benefits of Tuna. The first and foremost benefit on the list is High Protein. This protein-rich food is beneficial for muscles (to make them more durable), and it is also suitable for skin, blood, hair, and nails. The second benefit in the list indicates that it helps with obesity and weight loss. The Omega-3 fatty acid present in Tuna stimulates the hormone that increases the metabolism of the body. The name of that magical hormone is Leptin. It makes the best seafood option for the people struggling with obesity because it is low on the Glycemic Index (with 0 ratings). Besides, it is also low on fat and calories.

Further proceeding with the article, the third benefit of this beautiful seafood includes blood pressure management. The Omega-3 fatty acid regulates the blood pressure and prevents it from going high. The other advantage says that it is good for the heart. Here again, Omega-3 fatty acids come to the play. These unusual fatty acids enhance cardiovascular conditions by increasing Heart Rate Variability.

Additionally, these fatty acids shield the heart from generating abnormal heart rhythms. The fifth point of the article indicates the benefit of B Vitamins in Tuna, which helps build and maintain red blood cells, ultimately improving the energy. These vitamins are water-soluble, increasing the metabolism rate, boosting immunity, and keeping the skin healthy. Last but not least, the Immune system, Tuna, consists of an antioxidant known as Selenium, which increases the immunity of the body, empowers it to fight against disease, and protects it from contracting the infection.

About the company
Bien Quynh Food is one of the biggest names in the seafood industry of Vietnam, which is based out in Nghe An Province. The company is known to provide a wide range of fresh and processed seafood products in and outside the country. The company claims to take special care of food hygiene and safety while choosing raw material and also during production. The company's product range is divided into different categories, which are Grilled Seafood, Dried Seafood, and available seafood, Spice, Drinks, Agriculture, and Fresh and Frozen. The company is committed to delivering the best quality of seafood at the optimal price. The food distribution system of the company aims to provide complete peace of mind when it comes to food safety and quality.

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