BFGC's initial public subscription on the whole network is about to begin

BFGC's initial public subscription on the whole network is about to begin

The Asian project BFGEX under the British Burberry Group was officially launched in August 2016, and the layout of the Asia-Pacific market was officially completed in 2018. Recently, it started the initial public subscription of the whole network.
BFGEX, registered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, mainly provides blockchain-related technologies and services. In order to ensure the legitimacy of the project, BFGEX has obtained MSB license from the United States and FSA license from Japan. BFGEX is committed to building a book bank based on blockchain through its own technology. It will provide global users with safe, professional and convenient digital asset exchange services, and provide rich financial derivatives of digital assets and diversified application scenarios. BFGEX will focus on users, guide by community consensus, give rights to the community, entrust responsibilities to nodes, return profits to consensus, and take BFGC as proof of rights, sign of responsibilities and anchor of profits. After four years of continuous improvement, BFGEX officially started a new era.
The total number of community token BFGC on BFGEX platform is 1 billion, and there will never be additional issuance. For the first time, 150 million were publicly issued on the whole network. The issuance is divided into three stages. The issue price and total amount are different at each stage. The specific issuance rules are as follows:
[Subscription Rules]
Start time of release: December 5, 2020, 00:00(UTC+8)
Deadline for release: February 22, 2021
Time and price of launch: March 1, 2021 (1 USDT)

Issue of the first stage 0.2USDT (issue price) 1000 (Minimum single purchase amount ) 200,000( Maximum single purchase amount) 40 million (Total amount issued in the current period )

Issue of the second stage 0.3USDT 1000 200,000 50 million
Issue of the third stage 0.5USDT 1000 200,000 60 million

When starting the whole network issuance, BFGEX will also start the plan of dividing the invitational contribution prize pool, and divide the invitational contribution prize pool in the first stage: 2700000USDT
1. 300,000 USDT of promotional competition contribution prize pool
Rules for ranking: The sum of the divided income of the invitation and the divided income of the community is comprehensively ranked as the top ten in contribution income.
Award for 1st place 80000USDT
Awards for 2nd to 5th place Divide 120000USDT equally
Awards for 6th to 10th place Divide 100000USDT equally

2. 800,000 USDT of the invited contribution prize pool
Every time a person is successfully invited to complete registration and activate his or her account, he or she will be rewarded with contribution value. Every 1000 BFGC subscriptions can record 20 contribution values. The total contribution value of 40 million issued in the first stage is 800,000 points. The value of 1 point can be used to divide 1USDT, which can be divided immediately.

3. 1.6 million USDT of community contribution prize pool
The accumulation of community contribution points is based on the individual contribution degree and the corresponding points of community level obtained by each additional member of the community, and finally divided according to the proportion of contribution points of node community and community performance quota at the end of the current offering (the current prize pool is finally divided according to the subscription completion time).
BFGEX invites all users of the whole network to share the development bonus!

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