Beyond Brain Trauma: New HPN N r Supplement Could Change the Game for Head Trauma

Sportsmen, athletes and professional fighters could now bounce back from head trauma with the aid of new supplement N(r), which promotes strength and elasticity of brain cells.

In June 2013, at the NATA Convention in Las Vegas, a new supplement was presented to the world along with exciting university research showing its potential as a very real game-changer in the world of sporting nutrition. The N(r) supplement, created by High Performance Nutrition, is a next generation Vitamin B3 complex called Niagen, which has the potential to promote the health of the brain and even give it the ability to recover from injury- a matter of particularly present concern as college and high school sports take their toll on young athletes throughout America.

The supplement was created following research into NAD+ and its effects on neurodegeneration. In university scientific experiments, it was found that NAD+ was able to block a great deal of the neurodegeneration that typically occurs after head trauma such as what athletes face daily. Increasing the resistance to injury of existing cells and neurons is a large step in the process of making sports safer for the current and future generations.

Beyond mere sports injury treatment and prevention, the N(r) supplement has serious implications for and is being/has been researched in the areas of muscular dystrophy, mitochondrial disease and dysfunction, metabolism optimization-fat loss, and for anti-aging of the skin and organs.

Because the supplement is ingested and therefore its beneficial effects are spread equally throughout the body, the mitochondrial optimization it promotes also causes significant improvement in cell-level metabolism, allowing athletes to convert energy into motion more readily and perform to a higher standard without the need for illegal drugs.

A spokesperson for High Performance Nutrition (HPN) explained, “The Niagen compound works as an guard against head injury before it happens. It achieves this by promoting the production of NAD+ enzymes which boost mitochondrial biogenesis and size, as well as improving the density of cristae. This essentially gives the brain a better chance to preserve neurons that would typically die during and after impacts and injuries, preventing their more serious and long term implications. Scientific research has shown that higher levels of NAD+, stimulated by this supplement, support the ongoing plasticity of the brain and could have serious implications for a wide array of other conditions, making it the most exciting supplement to be released to the general market in decades.”

About High Performance Nutrition:
HPN is a sports supplement manufacturer specializing in high performance nutrition for athletes, sportsmen, and those who demand excellence in their supplements. The powerful supplements created by the company are at the leading edge of their field, and their latest release, N(r) is a formula that has the potential to revolutionize sporting injuries with a pre-emptive daily approach.

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