Bexley Dentist Specializes In Affordable Botox Therapy

Eastpoint Dental, located in the Bexley neighborhood of Columbus OH offers cosmetic services, including Botox therapy. The patients can get the preferred treatment quickly and affordably.

The professional dentists and staff at the Bexley dentist practice, Eastpoint Dental, are pleased to announce that they offer Botox at affordable prices. The tremendous results are offered at a lower cost than traditional Botox centers. The professional team is proficient at providing the cutting edge service to patients. For many patients, Botox is a preferred choice because it has only minimal side effects. The therapy is not permanent and the results are outstanding.

The Botox procedure can be accomplished quickly, usually during a lunch break. The team brings the latest techniques in cosmetic services to patients from a respected provider. The trust level for the cutting edge techniques provider is high, thanks to a good doctor/patient relationship. Patients who want to look their best may choose to have any of a range of cosmetic services from the dental office. In addition to Botox therapy, the dentists provide teeth whitening, crowns, and veneers, all dedicated to helping the patient look and feel happy with their appearance.

Therapy using Botox is able to help patients achieve a more youthful and friendly appearance quickly. Forehead creases, “eleven” wrinkles between the eyes, laugh lines around the mouth and creases at the outer edge of the eyes can all be removed using the therapy. The Botox therapy doesn't result in an unnatural appearance.

Botox is an injectable solution which is inserted below the surface of the skin in very small amounts. A consultation between the patient and the professional helps to determine the desired outcome of the procedure. This information is used to determine where the injections will be placed. Unlike other cosmetic products and procedures, Botox is not a filler, but rather a relaxant of the muscles in the targeted location. The muscles are thus unable to tense up or contract, which means no wrinkles are formed.

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